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Monday, September 12, 2016

Some crazy changes!!


    Well here is the craziness of my week........First off no I am not staying longer I know you all thought that when I wrote that title but I am for sure coming home on the 24th, don't worry about that. But there has been some crazy events this week and well it isn't the most ideal way to finish the mission. There has been a lot of tears and really rough periods this week with all that is happening. So here is why, my companion Hna Ramirez is really one of the big reasons I stayed, has to go home. While she was in the MTC she fell and thought sprained her knee. Well over these months the pain has grown and about 2 weeks ago we had to go to he doctor. She had an MRI and they found that she has a torn meniscus or ligament. Not exactly sure which one. So she got the call from President that she has to go home. He told her she was going to be leaving today but since we have 2 baptisms this week he gave her permission to stay until the 19th. Well that is crazy because it means I have to leave Yaruqui and stay with another hermana until I come home. It has been crazy and well super stressful,first finishing the mission is super emotional and second this makes it even more emotionally hard. But I'm happy that she will get it done and be able to come back. It just is a bit crazy.

I know that this is the true church. I know this work is really the work of the Lord and we are super blessed.
I love you all a ton!!! Please pray for our investigators that all goes smoothly this week. LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!!
Hermana Hull

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