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Monday, September 28, 2015

Well....the city....what to say....what to say


Sounds like a wonderful band season has begun and I am super excited to hear about it. I am so thankful the updates about life at home and how everything is going so well. I miss primary. But I love to tell people I was a teacher and they love to hear it too.

Well this week was really different.

There is no dust or cows or pigs or really very many dogs. My life has change immensely being here in the city but it is a good change to. Me and my comp are really getting along swellingly and love to work hard together. We are learning a lot and I am the one she relies on for learning more Spanish so I am learning more every single day.

So Monday I ate a subway. Can you believe it subway. Yeah they have that here in the city. Haha. I cant believe it.

So really a lot of this week was looking for new investigators. I got here and they literally didn't have any. We have a lot of menos activos and conversos from before we got here and I still only know a few of them but am getting to know them and the sector slowly but surely. I think I could make it back to the house now. It is just so different here in the city because there are so many people and houses and cars that I just get confused and don't know where I am but I can make it to the house now so that is good.
We found a really cool guy that we are teaching. His name is Marco and knows a little bit of English, because he lived in the US for 20 years. The reason he had to come back to Ecuador is that he was in prison for a year for domestic violence and how the lawyer helped him not have 20 years was to be deported. He before that had a really hard life. He has two kids but never was married and just has been living alone with his dogs here ever since. He found Jesus in prison and it changed him. He is very open and willing to learn and is so nice. Before my mission I would have been scared to even talk to him because of his past. But now I want to help him so much. I think of how we can help him a lot because I know the power of the Atonement and how I have seen people change through it. So I pray a lot for him. He is going to get baptized, we just have to figure his work schedule out so he can come to church.
We are going to have a lot more families to teach this week too. Contacted a lot and there is a lot of potential.

Well I did get to see the Womens Conference. It was really good. I wish I could have watched it in English though. I understand a lot of Spanish but not everything so i could have been more edified but I am excited to listen do Conference and then to read it. I love conference so much. It is seriously like Christmas for missionaries.

Church was awesome. I understood everything but the absence of Kichwa is a little hard and the ponchos and anacos but it was good to be able to understand everything. They had combined Priesthood and Relief Society for there emergency plan. There is a volcano called Cotopaxi that is going to erupt so they are prepping. Don't worry we have everything we need and have been preparing too. Just don't know for when.

So just want to share a cool insight.
 35  No obstante, ayunaron y oraron frecuentemente, y se volvieron más y más fuertes en su humildad, y más y más firmes en la fe de Cristo, hasta henchir sus almas de gozo y de consolación; sí, hasta la purificación y santificación de sus corazones, santificación que viene de entregar el corazón a Dios.
So I know this is in Spanish but I love it. So one day I was studying here and was wondering what yield your heart in English so i came to Spanish and found entregar. It means to like willingly give. So we are willingly giving our hearts to God. I know that as I do that I become a better missionary everyday. I can't explain to much more because I don't have much time left but I will definitely explain more another time.
Love you so much. Have a wonderful week.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Con todo mi amore
Hermana Hull

Fotos. My district and Zone

Monday, September 21, 2015

Jahuapamba is my home....


Wowzers what a week I can't believe homecoming week has come and gone and you guys are working and doing lots of fun things.

I am so glad that the package made it and I did pay quite a bit but got a lot into it so that is good.

Becca....what to say, I don't have words. I am totally okay with it just am sad I won't be able to be there. She is my best friend but all will be well and I am super happy for her.

Well  changes happened. And my home in Jahuapamba and Carabuela wont be seen for a while. I am now in Quito. The big city. It is call Carcelen, the place that I am in and am with Hermana Pingree from Utah. She is 19 and just got done with her training so I am the senior comp. That is a change but we will work hard and do some good work here. I am just nervous because I have never lived in the city before and am a bit scared. I love Otavalo and the surrounding areas. It has the feel of Cache Valley and now I am not there. It will be a good change and I will learn a lot. I am just going to miss the Familia Moreta a lot. They came to the Terminal this morning to say goodbye and are going to continue talking to you. They are family and I love them and all the rest of Carabuela.

So this past week a lot happened in good old Carabuela. Jessica Ipiales is going to be baptised this coming Saturday. Sad day I can't go to it because I am now here but that is okay I will get pics. It is actually funny because my first trainer Hermana Salas is now in Carabuela so that will be nice for her. Then Roberto...oh my miracle after miracle with this hombre. He is the one that was drunk the other week. He is now coming to church consistently and will be baptised the 3rd of Octubre. Yeah a lot of good baptisms to start out in Carabuela for Hermana Salas.

So I was thinking this week about a lot of stuff. How I am making eternal friends here in Ecuador and how fast I can love someone to make it so hard to leave. I was at the familia Moretas last night just sitting there in the humble little kitchen and talking with them and the Mom of Hermana Moreta. Well is just got to thinking how 3 months ago I didn't even know they existed and how I cried to be going to Carabuela. Well now I am crying to leave because of the people that I learned to love and the wonderful experiences that I will never ever forget. They are ingrained forever. I love the mission and how it changes us and how I am so much better than I was and I love the stuff that we missionaries do. We are the army of God in the latter days and are helping every person whether member or not come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ.

So also in the book of Mormon I am reading in 90 days. The mission is doing this and I came across the part that ¨¨he will dwell in a tabernacle of clay¨¨ They are talking about Christ. I got to thinking and was very inspired to realize we are also here in our tabernacle of clay. I love to think of us as clay because we are allowed to be created and molded by our Father in Heaven. If we allow it.  Our trials are what fire us and take off the rough parts and then we are able to be sculpted until one day we will become perfect. Mmmhmmmm I love this gospel and the Book of Mormon. I want to challenge you to do the 90 day challenge. It is about 3 pages front and back a day. I am sure you can find a calendar. But you will be able to learn more of our Savior. Mark every part with him in it in red not just his name but actions and words. It is amazing the power.

Have a wonderful week. I love you soooo much. Be safe and keep going in the gospel it is the best!
Con todo mi amor
Hermana Hull

Monday, September 14, 2015

Pictures from Zone Conference

What a week, what a week!


Wow what a week what a week.

I really loved hearing about your trip. Sounds like you had a good one and that is was fun. I want to go to Time out for Women so bad with you and Jasmine after my mission.  So lets plan and do it okay. I just want to trip with you guys and do things together and just have fun as the girls of the family.

Well I don't remember much from my week because it went by soooo fast. I mean I feel like we just were writing, but you know that is how mission life goes.

Miracle happened yesterday. Roberto who was drunk the night of Tania´s baptism that we visited last week. Well he had a change and he and his wife Lola who hasn't been to church in 17 years both were up and ready to come to church with us yesterday. They came and attended all 3 hours. They are ready to change and now he has a fecha(date) for the 3 of Octubre. It was great. He is great and we are praying our hearts out for him.

Also we found a black family. #iwanttobeblack They are the familia Mina and  I love them so much. They are so willing to listen. The dad is an alcoholic and drinks everyday but wants to change for his family really bad and with the gospel he will. He was baptised when he was 18 and then got told he had aids when he was 20 so he started drinking and stopped coming to church. And hasn't been for all this time 24 years more or less. His wife great and so happy to give us food all the time. And their kids are so ready and prepared I mean one of them started writing verses of the Book of  Mormon in her school notebook because she was like I love this lectura(book).

Some miracles are happening in Karabuela. I love Karabuela with my whole life and soul. The people and the culture are now mine and forever will be.

I am so thankful the opportunity to see the Atonement of Jesus Christ work in the lives of other people but not only them but me. It changes people and it is the way we can be all that the Father wants us to be. Alma 7:11-13. This is my testimony like Alma. This is my favorite scripture. I love and want to help other people feel the power of the Atonement.

I love you and hope you have a wonderful week.
Love you sooo much
Hermana Hull

PS The familia Moreta is trying to get a hold of you on facebook.

Letter to Dad

Oh Daddy. I love your letters so much. I had a tangible experience this week as you would put it. A tennis ball experience. :D
We had our baptism with Tania. She was so happy. You could see the difference in her eyes. She has been waiting so long for this. So long. And it finally came through a miracle of the fast. We were there surrounded by ward members that I love with all my heart and soul and feeling the spirit so strong. The familia Moreta has offered me to come and live with them after my mission. I might just do it ;) But really Tania was so happy and radiating with the spirit of our Heavenly Father. Then after we went to another investigators house that we have been working with. His wife let us in and this is where the tangible part comes in. He was so sad and so drunk. He had got drunk because of the things people said about his wife and was mad and sad and crying and could barely walk straight. In this moment I was sad too but I also felt the most profound love for this the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I literally in a matter of minutes saw the black and white of this life. The good and the bad. The covenants of God and the breaking of the commandments. You can't deny that this gospel is so powerful and so true when you see something like this. It is incredible how simple the gospel is but the biggest effects it can have on a life. I also in this moment felt a very profound love for our investigator. I have never in my life before seen someone drunk before my mission. It is sad. But at this moment I felt the love our our Heavenly Father and how he is yearning for Roberto to change his life. I want to help him and we are continuing to work with him. He will be a great leader in this ward. He has so much potential we just have to help him see that for himself.
I am so grateful for the Gospel dad. I am so grateful also for the love of you and mom. I have seen broken families and I know I have been so blessed. I love my family and the power we have because we live the Gospel together. I love you Dad

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

American Pride


First off for the title it is just hilarious that people here wear shirts and have bags of the Amercian flag more than I have ever seen. They have more pride in America than some Americans do.

Wowzers sounds like you have had yet another wonderful week and will continue to have one. Lots of stuff going on up there in good old Utah.

Down here in wonderful Ecuador we had quite a wonderful week.

First off when we got home from Pday last week we didn't have any electricity in the house and didn't get it back until Wednesday morning. We found out that the Hermanas haven't paid for like 6 or 7 months so I had to pay it and so don't have much apoyo(budget) for this week but I should be getting a reimbursement but to add to it we didn't have water for Tuesday and Wednesday. Haha, but what can you do we were going to have a baptism. There are always a lot of pruebas the week of a baptism. I mean hermana Relmuan got a parasite and we didn't have much time in our sector do to tests and buying medicine but you know all is wonderful.

We had a wonderful baptism. Tania is so fantastic and is so happy to finally be a member of the church after like 3 years of waiting. You could see the difference in her eyes the instant she came out of the water. She is going to be a wonderful addition to the church and has so much potential in one day being a wonderful leader in this wonderful ward of Karabuela.
Can I just say how much I love this ward. I mean I cried and love Otavalo with all my heart but Karabuela is up there now and even passed that love for Otavalo.
We also rescued Yolanda Ipiales. She is an inspiration to me. She has 7 kid and the oldest is 14. She truly has a testimony and just got off track for a while but she is absolutely the bestest ever.

I am so thankful for this gospel. I just have one experience to show the true worth of this gospel and the commandments of our Heavenly Father. So after the baptism we went to see another investigator. He was drunk and sad and crying. I truly saw the difference that day of living the Gospel and not living it. The gospel is so pure and simple and wonderful. Sometimes we forget what a blessing it is to live it because everyone around us is living it. But we are so blessed.

I hope you have a wonderful week. I forgot my sticky note and cant think of anything else to say except that The familia Moreta has offered me part of there house to come and live after my mission. I love them.

Have a wonderful week and always choose the right
Hermana Hull

Ps I still haven't gotten Grace yet. Could you talk to her family.
PPS Aguitas are herbal teas that don't have caffeine and everyone here drinks them

Attic of Church

Eating a Whole Fish

Hermana Moreta and Hull

Tania's Baptism