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Monday, March 28, 2016

Worry Less, Trust God More


Wow that sounds like quite the week you have had. I can't believe that terrorist attack. I don't hear anything about things like that ever and so that is a huge surprise. That is such a blessing with those missionaries. But I know that we are protected. I have felt it many times in my mission. The Lord protects his Servants and all his children. We have to live righteously but he will protect us and I know that he will not let us leave until we have done what we need to. I love his plan and love giving that hope to everyone through their Savior Jesus Christ.

Crazy that Denver got cancelled. That stinks so bad. I remember some soccer games like that or Ultimate as well, when you are just so stinkin excited to play and have fun and then you get told you cant that stinks super bad but you guys made the best of it and did tons in the two day you were down in Salt Lake.

ARE YOU ALL AS EXCITED AS I AM FOR CONFERENCE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO It is such a blessing to be able to listen to the Lords chosen Servants every 6 months. It is better than Christmas. We are able to learn and grow and find answers and truly know what the Lord would have us do. Let me know of your experiences next week from conference. Favorite Quotes, talks or impressions you had!! I am excited to hear them!!!

This week was absolutely Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that Monday I got an email that I had to go to Quito Tuesday night to renew my visa Wednesday morning. I couldn't believe it had been that long. So I left Tuesday night with Hermana Contreras and we got our visas renewed. (my comp stayed with the comp of Hermana Contreras) I got there and got to stay with Hermana Pingree and Hermana Dorta. That was super fun. And we got to celebrate the(birthday) cumpleanos de Hermana Dorta. That was a fun night and I got to see all the peeps from my group to renew our visas. It was weird. Kind of like a trip but not. But fun nonetheless.

Best part of the week though was Victor´s baptism. He was so excited and gave a powerful testimony. Short but so good!! He was super excited and had a wonderful time and just beamed as he came up out of the water. We sang I am a Child of God in English and Spanish for him. That was such a blessing and now he has the Holy Ghost too. He is on his way to become an awesome future Missionary :D

The familia Bermudez is getting married this week!!! #miracles I love them and they are doing so well. Just a few obstacles they have to faith work on Sunday. But that is coming along because they are looking for work. They are fantastic.

So to my title. I have come to find that this is such a true statement. But first I had to learn that trusting God is the only way. There is no other way to live. I think in life that sometimes we find ourselves in a situation or with an investigator or just whatever it may be and we think no I got this. We think that God doesn't need to worry about this little bit of our lives because we can do it fine without him. That we know what it best for ourselves and we can do it. But that so isn't true. God no matter how big or small it is knows best. We just have to be willing to trust him to help us find the answer. He wont just give it to us. It requires a bit of effort on our part...some faith and maybe some hard days. But as we put our trust in we yield our hearts to his will than we will truly find what we need and become more than we could ever make of ourselves. He is all powerful and knows all things. As we truly put our trust in him not matter what the situation I know he will help us. I have to trust in him more. I am not perfect in this but he is perfecting me as I learn to do this. It is a process of a lifetime  and will ever be. But he has created a perfect plan for us to become perfect like he is. I love him and his gospel. I love this work and all that we are able to do because of it!!!! This is just a scripture to go along with this though :D

Mosiah 4:9
 Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth;believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend.

Love you all tons and hope you have a splendid week!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Hull

Monday, March 21, 2016

¨¨This is Real Life¨¨ -Elder Holland


Your weeks seem to be getting busier and busier as they go by. The snow must be gone or almost right with all this outside activity. Sounds like a whirlwind of a time with all this Ultimate and good fun stuff y'all keep doing. I love to hear about it.
I am so excited to see how Jaden plays. I will have to get back into Ultimate shape and out of missionary shape to ever even come close to all that he does now. He sounds like a Beast!!

I got a bunch of letters from the primary this week. They are so cute and I love there little drawings. It made me feel really loved and miss my calling as a primary teacher. I didn't want to at first but then it became the best calling ever. I mean that is just where the basics are in the Gospel and that is what I am teaching here. I love Primary. I will also be sending a letter soon back so be looking for that in the next couple weeks :D

As you talked about the temple dedication and how we live in the temporary world and the temple is the real world I just couldn't help think how very true that is. It is such a blessing to go to the temple and to have so many around the world to be protected from the evils of this world and go a visit the real world for a while. I also couldn't help to think about Elder Holland talking to us about the mission. I feel that this time is also as he put it ¨¨real life¨¨ time. I know that is true. Like really true. This is real life. Some may think that a mission is just a year and a half or two years to get away from there problems and live in the dream world. That is so untrue. Everything I have done, do and have yet done have meant so much more in my life than any other moment of my life. I am not only changing myself but am fighting for the Salvation of other souls. It is the hardest work in this whole world but also the most rewarding work any human being could ever in all there life do. :D

So this week went like a blur. Every week just keeps going faster and faster and it is crazy how the time is going. But that does not stop us from seeing tons of miracles and blessings. First I would like to tell you of Victor. He is 9 years old and is getting baptized this Saturday!!! He is from San Lorenzo and his mom was menos activo(less active). She has changed and is now active and reading every day. Victor we were a little worried with how he understood what we were teaching but when he had his entrevista(interview) with our district leader, Elder Dickerson said that he truly gets it!! That is truly a miracle!! Keep praying for him this week to make it to his fecha(date).
Also another huge miracle is that the Familia Bermudez has fecha(date) to get married. We fasted with them this passed Thursday and now they are prepping for that. They are seeing a ton of opposition right now and need as many prays as they can get. They are progressing and truly have the desire to come unto Christ and I have never been so blessed to be apart of something like this. I feel they are part of the reason I am here in Ibarra. To help them make it to there goal of being a forever family.

We have seen many more miracles this week and have been so blessed. I am learning more and ore ever single day and know that the Lord is in all things. I love the video that the church came out with for this Easter season and I truly can say I have found new life in Jesus Christ!
I love him and give him my all. He is my King of Kings and Lord of Lords and I will always follow him!! (if you haven't seen it go and watch it now!)

Love you all tons and hope you have a wonderful week!!
Hermana Hull

PS I will let you know about school...gotta think a bit
PPS Love you tons!!!!

The Familia Bermudez

Victor and his siblings

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ibarra....La Ciudad Blanca


That sounds like a wonderful week full of food and adventures and wonderfulness going to Seattle and seeing some awesome Ultimate be played. What was the decision for Disneyland??

Okay sounds good with my card. Just keep me updated.

I am feeling a lot better without the parasite. My ankle is good and my knee is my knee but it is all well. We are running in the morning a lot more now and that feels wonderful!!!

I will let you know when I get the package.

Ibarra isn't big city but isn't quite as country as Otavalo but it is so good to have this change. I love it a lot and am learning a lot and just feel so good here. I don't know how long I will be with Heremana Cortez because she is visa waiting so it could come this week or in the next 3 months. The average is about 2 cambios and she is in her second so really I don't know but I expect that it will probably mostly this change.

About school. I don't know what to do yet. I am a little concerned about heading straight back like 3 days after I get home but then i don't know. I thought about going to USU for a semester and then heading to BYU-I, I also have thought about just working and then going to BYU-I, then I also thought about just going to USU and then I thought about applying to BYU Provo and seeing where that takes me. I just really don't know what to do. What do you think would be the best option??

I love Ibarra. It is a great change and I am in a great branch full of great members. We found a lot of new people this past week and are loving the time we have with each of them. I am learning a ton and we are having a great time. Happy news is that I am in an awesome district with Hermana Cardenas and Hermana Israelsen. I know them both from other zones and they are just awesome.
It is a lot hotter here than in Quito. I don't even have to sleep with more than one blanket. It is amazing!!
We set up a table an contacted for like 2 and 1/2 hours this past Saturday. We looked a little like Jehovah Witnesses with all the missionaries there but it was fun.
We are working with some really awesome people. One family is really great. They are refugees from Colombia and are truly changing. They have to get married but ya mismo(right now) because they truly have desires to change. I mean the hermana was smoking like 4 packs a day and now has quit. It is crazy please pray for them. The familia Bermudez.
Also for
and just miracles in general. I know if we joint our faith together the miracles will come to us here and you there!!
I love the mission and love the gospel!! I hope you have a great week and know how much I love you!! Keep moving forward with great faith!! I love you tons sorry not a very good letter this week.
Hermana Hull

Monday, March 7, 2016

The craziness of life is so fun sometimes!!

Sounds like another full week of just wonderful things that you are doing. I am a little confused about who moved with Jaden´s help?? But other than that it sounds like a wonderful time that you are having!!!!

I am doing good. My parasite should be gone with some pills that I took over the past week and Hermana Ukle gets here stitches out tomorrow. But I won't be there because changes happened yesterday. It was really hard because tons of people were saying goodbye to me and it was just full of goodbyes. Even though it was a rough sector for me, learning about myself, I really love Carcelen and am so glad for the time I had there. No one said goodbye to Hermana Ukle but they should have because she got changed as well. They closed the sector and now it is combined with the Elders Sector. So that was a huge surprise. Hermana Ukle is done with her training and is now in Zona Imbabura (this is the zone where Karabuela is :D) but she is in sector of Cotama.

Now you may be all wondering where I am in the world....well let me tell you :D

I am now in Ibarra. It is about a half hour north of Otavalo so I saw Otavalo and Karabuela. What  great thing that was. But it is all branches here and so that is super cool and I am super excited to work here. :D My new comp is Hermana Cortez. She is from Quito, Ecuador. This isn't her mission she is visa waiting to go to her real mission in New York in the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center. But since she is here she is in her training and so I am still a trainer. That is cool because I get 4 hours of study still which is a huge blessing!! She is great and is 19 and full of energy and so this should be a great change in all the ways that it has happened.

I just am so grateful for you guys and hope you have a wonderful week. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and he loves us so much. I know this is his work and he is guiding us every step of the way. I know that we are loved by our Father in Heaven and he is truly there for each of us. I know that through the atonement we receive 3 amazing gifts. First forgiveness. I feel this is a huge one that we are able to be able to truly be clean of all our sins so that one day we can enter the kingdom of God. Second Grace. It is the enabling power we receive that we are able to truly become true followers of Christ every day of our lives. We are really blessed to be able to do these things not only in our own power but with his. And Third, the Resurrection. Where we will be able to overcome the physical death just like he did so that we are able to live as a family forever. These 3 gifts are essential and are truly the way to happiness. I know there is so much I have yet to learn of the Atonement of my Savior but I am so glad I have the knowledge that I do. He LIVES!!!

I love you all tons and hope you have a marvelous week!!!
Hermana Hull

Zona Ofelia

Crazy smores 

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FHE with the Cangui family

Erika y Andres Sevilla with ther Baby :D

Shiley Maldonado