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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Viva Ecuador....hasta la muerte!!!


Sounds like you had another fantastic week that sounds even more amazing because of the wonderfulness that band is doing. Oh how I wish I could see it. Is it to late to order a shirt that I could wear after the mission?

I really can't believe the lights went out. But I sure can believe that the Sky View band just kept going and then got 2nd. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean Sky words can describe!!
WITH PRIDE!!!!!! I feel that band blood erupting into a loud shout and got chills from the bones while reading about my band and how they truly are an inspiration to others. Oooof Sky View High School Marching band....nothing better....well except the mission in Ecuador ;) Is there a video of the beach speech and the show? I hope you will save it somehow so I can watch after the mish.

Yeah so all is going well down here in Ecuador in Carcelen Alto. We are working hard. Not seeing to many of the fruits but they will come with patience and hard work and faith and every other good thing that we are able to do as missionaries. :D

So.....just to let you know first everything is cant go freaking out about this..... none of you can. I went to the Hospital again... not for the night and not because I am sick. My knee has been bugging me more than usual and the nurse wanted to just have it checked just in case. Just a few more exercises and such and I will be good. So no worries I am not telling you this to get you worried or anything. It is all the Lords time but I had to tell you to set up for another story that happened because of going to the hospital on the metro.

So to the other story. I was sitting on the metro after my hospital visit with my comp. We were standing and surrounded by other people and I just started looking at everyone on the metro and just tried to imagine the different lives that they are living and how much of a different life each one has had and a huge different one I have had. I got to thinking about how much I would have never ever thought that I would be sitting there on the metro in Quito Ecuador and how much of a life it is and how I can't think of not being on the mission now. I mean in high school I though about serving the mission but you never truly understand the impact it will have on your life and the people you meet how much you can love them. But as I was sitting there it was another moment and just looking at each one individually and how I don't know any of them. I hardly know my companion to be honest. I mean I know her and talk to her and laugh and cry with her but I will never truly know here truest desires or her hardest moments but what I do know is that there is someone who does and loves us each infinitely individually. Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father know us better than we know ourselves and that won't ever change. They are always there and in every change with every challenge and with every happiness they know how we truly feel. Sometimes as humans we say that we can't even describe what we feel and that is true because it is on a spiritual level and that isn't comprehended by the human flesh but we have our spirits and they understand every feeling that we have in our spirits. That is why it is so powerful to get a spiritual confirmation. They are speaking to the natural man but Heavenly Father is talking to his spirit child and that is the way he can manifest his love. Spirit to spirit. I just thought of that and how each and every person is truly really so important to him and i get to help them really understand that. There isn't any greater work that I could ever even imagine.

So yeah that. :D We also got a charla franca from an investigator. So this is what we usually give to the investigator to check and ask why they aren't progressing but he just met up with us once more and was like ya nope this church aint for me. It really was a surprise and kind of hurt. Not his words but the hurt that he wont make these precious covenants with his Father. But that doesn't mean he wont forever just not now. It is sad but hey we can find others who are ready to listen and now he has the seed planted and will be ready someday.

Might I just say. Latinos are blunt. It is part of there culture. I mean I have never been called fat so many times in my life. But then others are like if only I could be as skinny as you or worry I am losing weight to fast. Weird part of the culture.

Well just to finish up with another story. I taught a member family to play chess and so far haven't been beat. Haha #chessmaster #not Also another family has already set up there Christmas tree. I almost made me cry. Not because I am excited for Christmas but I mean I am but it just reminded me how fast time is passing and how I am truly in the mission and is flying by. Got to aprovechar y disfrutar cada dia o va a pasar y voy a pensar que paso!!!(seize the moment and enjoy the day or it
will just happen and I will wonder what has happened!!)

I love you all so much. Here is an awesome scripture you can ponderize this week with me if you want!!
 6 And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father. Amen.
DyC 15:6

Have a wonderful week!!!
Love you soooooooooo much!!
Hermana Hulk.....(most latinos call me this because it is more known :D )

Ps Have a wonderful time at BOA!! Tell me everything!
PPS How are Drew and Anli? Is Jasmine still babysitting them?
PPPS I got the package. I forgot to tell you last week the licorice and candy corn are delicious!!

Colada Morada y guaguas de pan

 Roasting what you gotta do

Cookies we made today for Pday activity with some members. First chocolate chip cookies since my farewell

Nice field with Ecuador'nt know how we got in there but we did.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Might I just say....I love my MISSION

Yes I got everything. Jasmines fotos made me happy and I can't believe Jordan's beard. That is insane. I can't believe those pumpkins either. Thanks for sending them.

Just sounds like you guys are having full weeks and are going by fast. I can't believe it is Monday again and I am here writing again. It is slightly difficult to write because the weeks are blending together and going by like nothing and so I just can't seem to get my thoughts straight but I will for sure try hard.

First I really just have to say that I love with all my heart the MISSION!! It is so hard but so fulfilling. It is crazy what I do and I know that it is the most important work in this world and I truly can't believe some people don't want to accept us but that is okay because our Heavenly Father has a plan and we are planting seeds so that they will come and be made perfected in him.

It rains a lot now. They say that it will rain probably 3 or 4 times a week because it is the start of what they call winter but it is still a nice spring climate. I mean it gets a little chilly but other than that it is still really really nice.

Kind of a rough week because Hermana Pingree is a little sick with the gripe(flu) and also because a lot of our citas just fell through. We are working really hard but just learning the heavenly virtue of patience here in our sector. There are a lot of people prepared here I know it. I just have to keep the faith that we will find them. The investigators we have either literally can't progress or are just scared to keep commitments or just put us off. That is okay it is part of the work but sometimes we have to really learn the importance of faith and that is how we keep going.

I love being comps with Hermana Pingree. She is the best. We laugh a lot and just really enjoy being in each others company. That is always nice. I can't believe how fast you learn to love people in the mission and that it is friendships that will last a lifetime. I mean you make plans with them and love them and desire their salvation and want them to be there in the Celestial Kingdom with you and can't bear the thought if they weren't. That is why I am so grateful I have the gospel and the truth that I know that all those I love will be there with me. We just all have to do our best and will be blessed for it.

I learned a lot this week about faith. I mean I know what faith is and always have but I truly came to realize that faith is truly an action and that we are the ones that can choose whether to act or be acted upon. Never ever do we want the second option because that isn't the way our Heavenly Father planned for us. As we act in faith we are willing to do what he wants us to do and we are able to forget ourselves and our will and truly be lost in the work of our all powerful Father in Heaven. He is the best and I am so grateful he sent me to Ecuador.

I tried Colada Morada this week and oh my goodness it is the best thing I have eaten here. It is a dulce colada which is like a soup made of mora(blackberry) and is so delicious. I just love it. Just had to put that in there.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. Love a lot
Hermana Hull

Graffiti is everywhere 

Free salchipapas a member bought us. They are really good!!

District Activity

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Middle of the World......Yeah i know right!!!


How is you?? You sound like you are doing well over there on the north side of the Americas.

You will have to tell me about Jasmine or keep me updated. How long will she be there?? And Jaden student of the month.....I knew it..... he is super great and there is no one better than he to be chosen for that honor and privilege than that dude!!

Where is Shelby going on her mission? Tell Mrs. Pedersen hi and I actually thought about her and all the staff the other day. I am so thankful for there examples and how they taught me so many things not only through the band season but through them living there lives so tell her hi for me!!

My ears are healing and I am keeping them clean with alcohol so they don't infection. I hope to find some neat earrings so I can change them every once in a while but who knows maybe I will wait until I get home. But yes I am glad I did it and am excited for the options of earrings that I will be able to have :D

I am glad the funeral went well. Those are sad times because we miss them but we like you said have something so wonderful knowing the plan of Salvation of our Heavenly Father. That means we get to see them again and it will be a joyous reunion.

Well I know how you feel with I can't even remember what happened last Monday and how fast the weeks go now it is kind of scaring me. IT IS INSANE HOW FAST TIME IS PASSING!! I mean it is October and almost half way through. That is insane. But a lot happens week to week in the mission and I can't share it all in the weekly emails but I am writing all of it down in my journal so don't worry there will be years worth of stories that will awaiting your little ears of y'all.

So this week I want to tell you about a HUGE tender mercy that I was blessed with. So on Saturday we were able to go to a baptism of the Elders in our ward to help them out with a few things and we had a investigator coming to see the baptism....this in itself was a blessing but I will get to that later.... so I was walking into the church and said hi to a little indigenous boy....which that is strange because not many indigenous live here but hey doesn't matter to me because I love I asked Hermana Pingree if she knew him and she didn't but i couldn't understand why he looked so familiar. Well I walked in and figured out why!!! The Hermana Zoila Campo fromBarrio Otavalo was there!!!!! She was my Mamita for Sundays in Barrio Otavalo and was there because it was her nephew getting baptised!!! OH BLESSED DAY!! It was so great to see her. I don't know if I ever told you but she was the first person I met here in Ecuador and was always so kind with my Spanish. She told how much better it is now and how she was so happy to see me. Oh it was such a tender mercy. The Lord really cares and watches out for his missionaries and knows exactly what they need for a little boost to keep going.

Well Saturday wasn't just filled with that tender mercy but a lot more. We had a new investigator come to the baptism well he got there late but hey we had a lesson with him. That was actually a cool story. So like on Thursday night we were walking to a lesson and passed this guy. As missionaries we are told to be kind of careful of single men, ya just because we are younger women. So we passed him and all the sudden we just hear ¨´HEY HERMANAS¨¨ We both thought he was a member so we turned to talk to him and find out he is an investigator that hasn't had any contact with the church and he told us Saturday that he just saw a light in us and knew that we can help him. He is great and I think will really progress. Then not only him but we found a new Familia. The familia Silva. Please pray for them. We contacted them like 3 weeks ago and passed by almost every day and miracle we finally found them all together in their house. They are going to be so great and both me and my comp were like he could really be the next bishop. But the miracles didn't stop there so on Sunday all our investigators told us why they couldn't come to church and so we just headed thinking oh man no one is coming today....not so. A family just moved here and his 2 younger sisters who are Isis and Agatha both came with him and are investigators. And not only are they 18 and 17 but the SPEAK ENGLISH!!! They lived in the US for 2 years and love to talk English and so we are going to start working with them. Please pray for them. We are finally finding some really good prepared people that need the support of our Father in Heaven.

So yeah, I have learned a lot about perseverance and patience in this sector and a lot about faith. I came here and literally we had no investigators but we are working hard and contacting a lot and are now seeing the blessings of the Lord come into our lives. I think that is something super important not only in the mission but in life in general. We have to have the trial of our faith as Moroni said in Ether 12:6. Because the testimony or what I love to say is that the blessings don't come until after. I mean I can truly testify of that. I really had some big struggles in some of my cambios and know that it was to try my faith and see what I would do. But as I was able to work through those challenges I truly gained a testimony of the blessings we receive after those hard times. But we don't only wait for the storm to pass and wait for the blessings to come. We keep working and working and working and more then working, praying and then we will see the blessing come down but not only after the sun comes out but we find there are so many little blessings that Heavenly Fathers puts in those little raindrops of the storm. I am so thankful for trials. Not because I want them or that I think they are easy to deal with but that I can grow and be molded in the hands of the great potter as I learn through them.

So why the title of my email guessed it.....I WENT TO THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD!!! We went today for our district activity and it was super cool. I want to go back a least once more to see the rest but it is legit and I can't even describe so I will send pictures and then you will just have to come visit with me after my mission so start saving up :D

I love you guys so much and hope you have a fantastic week!!!
Hermana Hull

PS ALMA 36:3
PPS Christmas...mostly just surprises but maybe a flash drive and a box of mac and cheese. And if you could hand written letters from family and friends. :D
PPPS Say hi to the Flia Moreta for me!


Eating Hot Dogs

Marco and Silvia

Visit with Marco and cake

The Ofelia Zone

At the Equator

Standing in both Hemispheres

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Conference wow!

Well you had a wonderfully week and so did I.

And to top it all off was Conference. It was such a wonderful thing to have and hear. I got to see all the sessions and in English. They had a room for us gringos and that was truly a blessing for me.

I was thinking.... Elder Cook said that there are 230.000 missionaries that are serving and have served in the last five years. Well that is super cool because in the last five years me, and my sister and older brother served the Lord. I just thought how cool that is that we 3 are included of these valiant soldiers of our Heavenly Father. Wow right.

I also really loved the talk by Elder Oaks and how powerful the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ is, not just for sin but for all things that are hard in our lives.

Well the rest of my week was really good. We are really working up a storm in our sector and trying to find nuevos to continue helping the ward grow. It is tough but so good.

As for my comp she is Hermana Pingree. She is from Salt Lake and 19 years old. She is the 3rd of 5 children and the second missionary. Her dad was a mission president in Texas while she was in high school and now an Area 70. Her mom is just a mom at home. She is in her 3rd cambio of the mission and is super fun and nice to be around. We have a wonderful relationship and really have a lot of fun together. The problem is that we can speak English so we are really working on our self control.

I know this was a bit shorter this week I am sorry. Just know that I love you so much and am truly loving every word that you send to me every week.

I just need to say to you mama. That as I heard Elder Hollands talk my thoughts were all on you and how much of an angel you are in my life. From the first time I took a breath to every laugh we have shared together. I love you
Hermana Hull
Ps Imma gonna send pics of the apartment easier than explaining.
PPS Wow christmas. Can I have a week to think? I will think this week and let you know next week. As for the other I hope this week.
I love you so much
Scripture for Ponderizing
D&C 6:36 :D
Love ya

Cooking for Zone Activity

Study Area in Apartment


Hermanas Hull and Pingree

Narnia Closet

Hermana Pingree and her never ending supply of bananas

Zone Activity