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Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year, What is this?


I understand what they mean by that saying to because it is sooooo super true!!!!

i am sorry this is so short this week and will make it up next week but i hope you enjoy the pictures that i sent too.

I love being a missionary and love my life here in Ecuador., It is super different from anything else i have done and i love if for that reason. i am so blessed with so many different amazing companions and hope that i keep getting awesome one but i know i will because they are called of God just like I am to be here at this time in this place to do the Lords work.

I love my Savior and know he live and loves me. I am thankful for the opportunity i have to be his servant and give of my all and will continue to do so in this 2016.

A new year. A new chance for new opportunites. A new time to put goals and achieve them. A new time to put more time on the things that really matter. A new time to be better than we were the year before in all aspects of our life. A new time to love more and forgive more often. A new time to care and to be cared for. A new time to give of your all. A new time to find a new hobby and get good. But most of all another year of life that is a gift that we are able to become closer to the Lord and Savior of the world Jesus Christ!!!!

i love you all tons and will tell you more about traditions and stuff of the new year next week.
Love you
hermana Hull

Christmas Dinner at the mission home


Hermana Hull with the Richardsons

Street in Quito

Christmas Eve


Still plays with her food

Crazy thing they burn for the New Year


Monday, December 21, 2015

FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow thanks for that insert and thanks so much for all you do. I will answer the questions first and then get on to the good stuff.

So yes we will be talking at 2 my time or around that. I will be skyping again. I will have 40 minutes to talk. We will most likely be with members so that will be good. We don't know for sure yet but I will be skyping. :D

So to the good stuff.

So first I want to do my 10 moments in the year that I am grateful for like we did last Christmas that we read before we got onto presents.

1 Harry Potter world and Arizona- just have to put them in here. Now onto the good ones

2 CCM in Colombia- Not going to lie I think this was the hardest 6 weeks of my mission. I was absolutely so home sick it was crazy and couldn't believe the language that I had to learn. I was super blessed though with amazing teachers that changed why I really was here to the right one and made some forever friends that helped me make to the day I left and came to the wonderful world of Ecuador.

3 First Day in Otavalo- I remember walking down the street going what in the world am I doing here in this foreign place. It was insane. I didn't understand anything the culture food and people were so different from normal but I am super super super grateful for the chance I had to serve those people. I know it was where i needed to start my mission and how I love them is so indescribable that I can't even say with words.

4 Marisol´s Baptism- I have never felt the spirit so strong than in that room at that time when my first convert but really Christ´s bore her testimony of what she know and how she has been changed by finding this gospel. I love her. I love her 2 girls and I love the way the Gospel changes people.

5 Karabuela- A super hard change to move from a sector but the best one that could have happened. I feel that Karabuela is my home. I found family there. I could connect more through the language and started feeling the love of God for these People not just my own. It wasn't just for the investigators like Tania and Jessica or the menos activos like Yolanda or Javier but it was the members too like the Familia Moreta and Clara and Sairy. That made me love this time there.

6 My Change with Hna Relmuan- I look back on this change and this was and absolute rock in my path. I went through some of the hardest challenges of my life in this change. I was truly changed and truly change to what the Lord really needs me to become. I saw that he needed me to change if i was to become the missionary he needs me to be and i am not near close to that but am willing and ready to allow him to let him now. I also saw so many miracles in this change with the hard work. Not only baptisms and rescues but in seeing members become stronger and people willing to change what they know.

7 Carcelen- Didn't want to come to the city but it has been a growing and learning experience that is for the better. I feel so much more comfortable in the campo(country) but the bonds I have made here are forever and still being built.

8 Everyday- I just am super grateful for every single day of the mission. I mean it is the best part of my life and will be until the day it ends and then it wont actually end I will still have it for the eternities.

9 My trio change- I am so immensely grateful to my Father in Heaven for that change. I was put into a trio with 2 of the most amazing missionaries I know and have been changed by and with them forever. I now know why I needed that change because I would have not been nearly as ready to train as I am now. I needed time to learn and to grow and to have my confidence built more so I could be ready to help a new missionary.

10 So this last one really isn't a time but people-
Hermana Salas
Hermana Szerdi
Hermana Quiros
Hermana Relmuan
Hermana Pingree
Hermana Dorta
Hermana Holbrook
Hermana Ukle
I am so grateful and love each one of these people with my whole heart. I have spent a 6 week period of my life with each of them and they have changed me to be someone that I am proud of. I am still changing and will have more companions that at first may be hard to love but over time with each and everyone I will kneel down each day of my life and into the eternities and thank my Father in Heaven for placing these people in my life ant that they were put there in the time I most needed them.

So yes those are my ten for this year.

So yeah I just love that and hope you enjoyed it. Send me yours next week. Everyone not just mom!!!

So we will be getting our meal with President in the mission home tomorrow!! We are the last zone to go and I am super stoked because it is right on the week of Christmas. Some had at the beginning of December and so I just think that is perfect that I got it the actual week of Christmas.

So my Hija is amazing. Her name is Hermana Ukle! She is from Fort Worth, Texas and is 19 years old. She has 3 little sisters and her parents who were converts before she was born. She was in Provo MTC for 6 six week and is learning Spanish. So pretty much a gringa teaching a gringa Spanish. Can you imagine it?? :) I am happy and learning so much. I feel like I know everything and then at the same moment I know nothing. I feel like I will be the one that is learning more than she will because of the greatness of the calling that I have received but that really it is just the way for Heavenly Father to get me out of my comfort zone so that I can learn what is needed so I can be changed. I know that it needs to be fun and that we still need to work but that the work is the fun part because it is the part where we are with the people. I love the mission. I am super grateful for the opportunity to be the trainer of a new missionary to start her mission off right and that she will become an even better missionary than me. That is my goal because I know that is the goal of our Father in Heaven.

I love you guys so much and hope you have an amazing week and have a


Love you
Hermana Hull

Super stoked to talk to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Missionaries and their Trainers

Hermana Ukle and Hermana Hull

Contacting a Tardis

Christmas in Ecuador

Monday, December 14, 2015

Well lets just hope it all works out this time......


Wow it just sounds like every week is just more full and more busy for you guys and it is absolutely crazy that you are doing all this stuff. I mean I just can believe it at all. I am not there living it with you but that it is actually happening. It is just crazy isn't it, how time just works wonders?

So I will call at 2 on Christmas. I don't think that will change but if it does I will just let you know the time next Monday but just plan on 2 my time. I still don't know the time difference and so you will be able to figure it out I hope because I am utterly confused on the time that it is at home and here at home in Ecuador.

Well can you just believe that changes have come and gone once again. Nothing to big has happened to me this time. I am still going to be in Carcelen and recieved the phone call that I will be training.....again. Haha I just hope it all works out this time and I actually get my hija. I am excited to meet her and to start her on the path of the mission life. I just hope I can just be a good trainer and just be the best I can be so that she can trust me and learn what my Father in Heaven would have her learn of me.

So crazy. I am with Hermana Pingree right now as my comp. Just for these few days before we both recieve our hijas. She is training too. She is going to be so great and I am super excited for her!!!!

I just love this time of year and just love the mission even more. I am super grateful for the change I just had with Hermana Holbrook and Hermana Dorta. They are some of my best friends now and I am so thankful for all that I learned of them.

I am just so grateful for the chance I have to serve as a representative of my Savior, Jesus Christ. There is nothing that could be better than that for me at this time in my life.

I love you all and hope you have another packed week full of fun and joy and CHRISTMAS MUSIC!
Love you
Hermana Hull

PS I did get the yellow envelope and I love it so much thanks so much for that!!!!

Ps Pic is pizza and last comp pic with them

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas......I love the real meaning


I think I probably say this every week but it sounds like you guys had a really great and busy week and even more full because of Christmas. Crazy it is that time of the year again huh??

You are right about when people progress and don't progress. You can be the happiest you have ever felt when you see them making those changes but, then you are the saddest you have ever been and your heart literally breaks when they willing choose to make the choice to not change and don't want to hear any more from you. It hurts but the only view is the most joy you could possibly have!!

So you asked about the LLAMADA(call) on Christmas. Well I will be calling on Christmas day. I get the choice of Christmas eve or Christmas day and I chose CHRISTMAS DAY. I have to call before 6 my time because we have to be in the house early those days so I think I can call from 1 to about 3 depending on what time works for you guys. I think around 2 would be the best but I will let you know for sure next week!!
Super excited to talk to you too.

Well we were at the chapel waiting for the Christmas Devotional last night and well the thing couldn't get the signal so we didn't get to watch it. It was horrible. We were all super excited to watch it but that is okay we got to do some studies and read some awesome talks from conference.

Well I just have to say coming up to the Christmas has been so wonderful. I am learning so much more about my Savior. I have really started thinking about how blessed I am to be able to be here. I have thought a lot about the day I left home and how much I have changed up to this point. I can truly say that leaving home and stepping on that plane to go to Colombia was the hardest thing I have done in my whole life. But now looking back on it I would have been dumb not to do it. I mean everyday in the mission isn't close to perfect. I mean there are tons of ups and downs and smiles and tears. But everyday that I have been here I can truly say I have grown closer to my Savior and he has helped me change into who I am now and who he needs me to become. I am so grateful for each trial and challenge. The hardship to learn the Spanish language and the trial of having to use it everyday. I am grateful for the relationships I have gained and strengthened and the ones that hurt a bit because of how much I love them but they willingly turn away from this Gospel. I love everything about it. I love my Savior and love how I am his servant and working to become a true disciple. I am grateful for this time to learn of him and his power and his amazing ability to help each person on this earth. All because he was chosen and came down on that Christmas night many many years ago, we have a Savior.

Love you guys a ton!!
Have a great week!!
Hermana Hull

PS not any cards yet but they should come soon. :D Thanks love you and tell all the grandparents I love them and miss them!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Keep it Simple


You always sound like you have a great week. Sounds kind of rough with nutty right now but  whatever happens it is for a reason. I still think it is so wrong for them to have opened that early on Thanksgiving. And I totally wouldn't go to do shopping either. It just makes me sick. But you did have a very busy work schedule this week and that is always insane but it is over until next year so that is good.

I am so happy to hear you are reading every morning. I loved that. Really when we started like my, I don't remember what year in high school, it really helped me see how important the scripture really are in our lives and how big of an impact they can have on us as daughters and sons of our heavenly father.

I can also believe Jaden has grown a lot. Just from fotos i can tell he has. That is insane. I am sure I won't be able to call him my little brother technically anymore but he always will be :D

I really am enjoying my trio. It is super different from any other companionship I have had and probably will have in the future but it is so great and i am really learning a tons from both of them.

So sorry I need to talk more about the people. My brain goes a little wild when we are on the computer and if forget to tell things.

Right now we are working with Stefi and her Familia. They are less actives and she is 9 and hasn't been baptized. They are just really struggling in there testimonies. They are so the best and have so much potential but fall into Satan's temptations and always fight and fight and fight and it is super hard for them to get back on there feet. They are from the coast and I have found here that they are the most open and willing to listen but there lifestyle is so laid back that it is a little difficult for them to change but it is always possible. El Hermano has a drinking problem and so that effects other parts we are working on. I just know that they can make it and that Stefi can be baptized and I know it isn't through what we are doing or wanting but through the power of the Savior and his Atonement. He is the one that can truly can help them change. I know it because it has only been through him that I am able to change. We are just the carriers of the light of him and just let them know there is a way and then he is the one that truly does the rest.

For others we are searching a lot for more familias. We have a few but they aren't progressing. In time they will but sometimes you have to let them go to have the time they need to truly have the desires they need to be willing to make those changes in there lives.
It is also really interesting because of the 2 sectors so there are twice as many people in my head to pray for and think about!! :D

I love the Christmas video. We got to watch it about a month ago. We got the pass a long cards and now can hand them out to spread the real reason for the season. Just doesn't quite feel like it because there is no snow here and won't be but that will be okay. It is just getting hotter now than colder and tons of rain!

So this week was an interesting one because of the sickness I got attacked by. On Thursday I felt fine but on Friday I woke up and about an hour later started throwing up. It was bad. I couldn't even keep water down that day. We had to stay in for the day and the last two days we didn't go out to much because of how tired and dizzy I was. But I am all good now. Getting my fuerzas (strength) back and working good now. It was just the pits though because we weren't able to work and that is all I want to do. But sometimes it is for a reason and I truly feel that it was to be able to strengthen my companionship and the love I have for my family. Sometimes Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways but it is all good, we just have to trust and be willing to let him take it all!!

I was getting to reading the conference from October this past week and I really really really love it. I can truly testify of a living profet and apostols(prophet and apostles). They have the power of God which is the sacred priesthood and we can truly grow in faith and love as we listen and obey their consejos(advice). This was a part I love from Pres. Monson's talk

Mis hermanos y hermanas, estamos rodeados de oportunidades para brillar cada día, en cualquier situación en la que nos encontremos. Al seguir el ejemplo del Salvador, tendremos la oportunidad de ser una luz en la vida de otras personas, ya sean nuestros parientes y amigos, nuestros compañeros de trabajo, personas apenas conocidas o totalmente desconocidas.
(My brothers and sisters, we are surrounded by opportunities to shine every day , in every situation in which we find ourselves. By following the example of the Savior , we will have the opportunity to be a light in the lives of others , whether our relatives and friends, our co-workers, people barely known or completely unknown .)

I know that we can be true examples of light as we come to know our Savior better everyday through prayer, scripture study and attending church. We will be the most happy and feel the most peace and tranquility in this life as we keep the gospel simple and do what our Heavenly Father wants us to do. I felt that as I listened to our wards primary program. We just got to keep it simple like the little ones testimonies and all will be well!!

Love you all a ton!!
Have a great week
Hermana Hull

Ps I got 3 packages this week. Thanks is there anything else I need to look for.
PPS could you send me floss threaders
PPPs could you see if you could get the hermana moretas email i found out i can email her.

Cereal to celebrate Half way Day!

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving 2015


Equator Monument

Monday, November 23, 2015

Pretty much I just love my life!


Wow what a week it sounds like you have had.  And I can't believe that Becca is married but, she found a good one, and I know that so all will be well there. Tell all the people who said hi back from me.

I can't believe they are opening at 4 on thanksgiving. Pretty much I am going to protest when I get back from my mission. They have no idea how dumb they are for doing that. I just am super mad at that. Ugh!! That makes me sick.

Well this week you are never going to believe it and I can't either. But I am going to be hitting my half mark of the mission. Can you believe it?? Half way is kind of really scaring me for that because I mean I only have one time more. I remember before the mission how people were like it is only two 9 month periods. Yeah and I am almost done with one of them. AHHHHHH!! Cant' handle thinking about it so I am not going to any more!!

So this week was super good and super busy. We have to do so much more than just teach and find and work. As they are the Hermana Lideres, my comps, they have to do house revisions and ammonitas, when we go to house of other Hermanas to do studies and help them and then divisiones. When other Hermanas come and do splits with us to learn more and to work with us for the day. But it is fun and we are doing lots of good things.

I learned this week about how simple the gospel really is. I mean we are put into so many situations and have so many challenges put upon us that it is sometimes really difficult to do all we need to do. But really we are the ones that make life complicated not the gospel. The gospel is easy, life is the hard part. We have the choice everyday to live it and to choose if we will be the ones who will be made better. We are never standing still and if we truly make those small choices every single day we will be so blessed.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week. Man I know that it is true and the word of God and as we truly read and ask then we will know with even more conviction it is true., This is my invitation to everyone. Go and read some you, don't need to read all of it to be able to know. Go and read an then pray. You will, I promise, receive and answer por medio el espiritu santo. It wont be big and crazy but it will be there. So do it. If you need a chapter go and read Moroni 10. I know it is true and that we are going to be so blessed for receiving this confirmation more than just once. That is why we don't just finish it and our done but we continue reading it over and over and over again. We are brought closer to our Father in Heaven and are super blessed for it all. Do it! You will feel the difference just as I have in my life!!

Love you so much!! I love being a missionary and have learned so much and have changed even more.
Love you
Hermana Hull

A only in Ecuador moment..... A bird is just got into the cyber and is flying above our heads as we write. But hey that is the best kind of day!! :D

Me and my comps. We eat a lot and have tons of fun together.

I got soo tired the other night. This was while I was waiting for Hermana Holbrook to finish the division and I was reading but fell asleep. I am exhausted most the time but it is the best.

Yes there is a McDonalds

Monday, November 16, 2015

Wowzers. What a week.


Wow it sounds like you  had a wonderful week in Puerto Rico. That is insane for me to think you were out of the country while I had no idea and kind of forgot you were going. Haha, but that is the way mission life is. I just kind of forget about home until I have to write. I have changed a lot in this way because you would have never slipped my mind in my first 3 months and I was always thinking of  you guys. But now I don't think of you that often. I mean I love you all, still with my whole heart but now I feel I am truly centered on the work and doing what the Lord would have me be doing.

Pretty much I just love Ecuador and the challenges and the language. I mean I just can't help loving these people. They are the best and even though sometimes they choose not to listen I still love them unconditionally.

This week i have learned a lot about the joy of the gospel and sharing it. We have been working hard in both sectors and have been truly  blessed to see miracles. I mean I love this scripture about miracles.

 15 And now, O all ye that have imagined up unto yourselves a god who can do no miracles, I would ask of you, have all these things passed, of which I have spoken? Has the end come yet? Behold I say unto you, Nay; and God has not ceased to be a God of miracles.

 16 Behold, are not the things that God hath wrought marvelous in our eyes? Yea, and who can comprehend the marvelous works of God?

Mormon 9:15-16

I know that our Heavenly Father is a God of Miracles and will not change. It is truly a miracle that I am in this companionship and that I am being blessed to learn not just from one but two companionship's. I would have never thought this was a miracle but it is, so I can learn so much more to be an even better missionary.

I love  you guys so much and hope you have a wonderful week.

Love you

Hermana Hull

 Ps I love that drink. I get it often

PPS I live in Cotocollao :) love you

Cinnamon Rolls

Cold Study Morning

Tuesday I got to spend the day with Hermana Hermann from Texas and Hermana Israelsen from Utah. Got some good Ice Cream Hearts.

These are me and my two companions.
Hermana Holbrook is from Idaho and Hermana Dorta is from New York. Yes she has the awesome accent.

ME and most of the hermanas in our zone today for the zone activity.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Well some news....

Well your week sounds great just like it always does. JADEN MADE 'A' TEAM KNEW IT!

Well to get to  the nit and grit of things.

I am not training this change. One of the Hermanas had problems with her visa and so she won't be coming this change and I am not sure if she will. President took me aside and talked to me about it. He told me the Lord wants me to train just that there is some reason that for this change I need to wait. So I get to wait. I am now in a trio with the Hermana Lideres(Sister Leaders). They are super great. Hna Holbrook is from Idaho and is 21 and has 13 months in the mission. Hna Dorta is from New York but her parents are Latinos from Ecuador and Puerto Rico and is 24 and has 7 months in the mission. They are really great and I am excited to work with them. The thing about it is we are working in my sector and theirs and so there is more work for me with me being the only one who knows my sector. But then they get to do divisiones and ammonitas and work with the hermanas a lot. So I get to see the behind the scene work a lot which is cool, just stressful with not being able to work in my sector every day. I also changed my house but will be going back at the end of this change. Crazy week. Also I was companions with Hna Duff for a day and half because she came back to the mission this past week.

Marco is great. He lived in the US for like 20 years. But got into trouble with some things and had two kids and then got sent to prison. But for probation since he is from Ecuador they let hime come back and work here for 10 years and then he can go back to the US. He has changed and truly found God. Just working on him to find the True Church. He is great and has so much potential.

Oh wow that is insane that she(Sister Keeley) served in Quito and has a daughter with my name but that is super cool to. Pretty much the mission is the best here in Ecuador.

Sorry this was so short today. We played ultimate as a district and had to do lots of things so we got to the cyber late so we have to be done by a certain time so that only left me a little less than an hour.

Know I love you all so much and pray for you. Promise to write more next week.
Hermana Hull

Maltin con Hermana Duff

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A big Change for me.....


Wow sounds like a wonderful time you have had this past week. I love BOA and am so happy that you were able to have a good time there. I love band!!

My knee is good just getting better with the exercises, so all is good there.

I have had a good pday. I have been with Hermana Yorgason all day. Changes have come and gone and now just waiting for their comps. I am waiting for my comp too. I just won't be getting her until Thursday. You may be wondering why that is..... well let me tell you......

I AM TRAINING! I am getting a hija(daughter) in the mission. I will be her first comp and that is absolutely a huge responsibility that I am super excited and scared for. What I do will affect her whole mission. I am super excited and will get to meet her on Thursday. I am staying with the Hermana Lideres until then in Cotocollao. It will be good just a little daunting.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a missionary and to be called by God through a prophet to serve here in Ecuador. It is a huge blessing to be here and to grow and change so much every single week, hour and day. It is the greatest calling in the world and to serve here I am so blessed. Sorry this is so short. But I just didn't get to print before.

I love you all so much. Have a wonderful week!! You are always in my prayers.
Hermana Hull

Training Meeting

Familia Tipanluisa

Halloween with the familia Teran

Hermana Hull and Yorgason

Last day with Hermana Pingree

Exchange Day