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Monday, April 20, 2015

It rains practically every single day

Hey mom!!!

Wowzers! I sure do love your letters. I need each week this little piece of home because it brings peace to my heart.
Also thank you so much for the pictures.

As for the weather it rains practically every single day. It is seriously crazy here because it can be sunny and super warm suddenly turn gray rain the hardest I have ever seen it thunderstorm and then go to being sunny and nice again. I am so glad that you had the idea to get the jacket from Shopko before I left because my coat is really warm and it doesn't get to crazy cold so the jacket is perfect. My stomach so far is doing really well. No real problems. I think the probiotic and the vitamin help and also being in the CCM in Colombia because the food here is a lot similar to there.

I do pray for my grandparents everyday. I love them so much and wow am so glad I have them.

I really love President Durrant. Every time I heard a talk of his or got to talk to him in an interview I would learn so much. I love stake conference and this week the Estaca de Otavalo is having theirs. I am excited. Though it may be hard to understand everything. I know I will be edified.

As for this week here in Ecuador. We did a lot. We had the opportunity to have Presidente and Hermana Richardson come to Otavalo and have a meeting with them from two to eight. Wow I learned a lot not just about how to teach better but how to become more converted to the gospel myself. I really am so grateful for them and can't believe how lucky I am to have them because they are so kind and really care about me. We then had the president and assistants come to the house because there are problems with it. Like in the bathroom you have to turn the sink on underneath the sink or it doesn't work and just a few other things that they wanted to see.
I get the super cool opportunity to do service at the hospital each week. The Hermana with my comp before me got it started and it is super cool. We go every week and just do service for an hour or so. It is so nice because it is a little bit of a break from just the everyday things that are fantastic but difficult so that is nice. Also I really like my zone and my district. We have meetings each week and just getting to know them has been great. We had a fun pday today went to a different waterfall. It was even better than last weeks. Like legit when you see the ad for South America waterfall. Super Legit. Well we are having a thunderstorm so I don't have much time because where we are having internet is closing down soon.

I have been studying this week in Alma, about the Sons of Helaman. I really have love seeing their example and want to become like them. When it says that they did not doubt because there mothers knew it, I thought of you and dad and our family. That is why I am here because we did not doubt. You didn't doubt that this is the true and everlasting gospel. You taught me to love it and to cherish it and to grow my testimony in it. That is how I am here because you did not doubt. Go and study about them. They are incredible.

I love you so much. I can't even begin to describe it. I know I can always count on you and hope that you know that you make me smile everyday thinking of you and how you have helped me make it to this point.
I love you!!!!!! Have a great week.
Hermana Jenika Hull

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