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Monday, April 27, 2015

#mylifeinecuador :)


Wow! I totally understand when you say that days feel like forever but weeks seem to be going speedily. I just realized I hit two months in the mission. Wow.

Man! You went to California!! That is super legit!!! I thought about California from last year a lot this week. That was so fun for me last year. Wow I love Ultimate. I got to play today. Not like real ultimate but more like the ultimate of beginners yet still fun!!!

Your week sounds great! I was talking to my comp the other day and she said that she weekly needs the updates from home because they give her strength to make it though the next week. I have to agree fully. It does fill me!!! I need it.

This week was another hard one but there were some great times. First me and my companion were using a members washing machine and she put the detergent in the liquid fabric softener dispenser. Yeah that was bad. But I took the time to dig it all out and we had fun doing it even though we freaked thinking that we had broken it.
I guess you saw my Anaca, the indigenous clothing in a picture from Hma Richardson. I will have to send pics next week. But that was super fun to get and wear to stake conference. It is mine too!! I paid 64 for the whole thing which is a really good deal! I want to get a poncho that the men wear before I come home too! they are legit.
Stake conference was awesome!! I learned a lot and really got a lot from it even if some of it was in Quichua. Yeah that is right Quichua. I didn't understand that but that is okay. I still felt the spirit. Oh and everyone is truly welcome to our Church because not only were there people there but halfway through a dog showed up in the chapel. Yes a dog!! #mylifeinecuador :)

To answer your questions. Stake conference was awesome as stated above.
My apartment is fine. Just the bare necessities. In our mission it is very rare that we live with more than just our companion. So just me and my comp. I took pictures earlier but will have to send them next week. Actually there are enough problems with our apartment we will probably be moving in the next little while. But for now I really like it. We are the top floor and over the Plaza de Ponchos so I can people watch.
Lastly Yes we are teaching some people. We teach indigenous and the other are called mestizos so it is hard. We are teaching the family Gualsaqui. The wife is inactive and the husband is investigating. They have a little two year old girl named Mente. She is adorable. Also we are teaching two other families that are mestizos so we teach with the elders but we contacted them and so we teach with them. I love the Gualsaqui family!! We also have a few others but they put two sectors together so me and my companion are just getting to know them. Should have more to tell about next week because we were finding a lot this week but have a lot of lessons this week so yeah!!! :)

One last story. (Just so you know a mission here is like hiking in a skirt everyday.) We were going up a hill and there are some sketchy dog packs. We walked past this old man said hello and kept climbing. No sooner we found ourselves surrounded by dogs that were angry. But all the sudden this old man came with a bucket and rock and fought the dogs off so we could keep going. It was a tender mercy and truly showed me that Heavenly Father is watching out for me and is answering your prayers and my prayers too!!

I love this gospel. I love my Savior! and I want to share it more and more every day!

I love you so much!! Have a great week!!! Smile for me today and laugh too!!! Love you!

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