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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Guess where I am................

I heard your voice and Dads and that was the best thing that happened. I really needed that.

Well I am here in the mission field. ECUADOR!!! What this is crazy. It is so beautiful already and I am so excited to go out and start loving my people. I really enjoyed the CCM but I already feel that I am suppose to be here so much more than there. It is so awesome. It was crazy getting here. We got up at 3:30 am and had to be ready to leave by five. We got to the airport and had a crazy time getting luggage and stuff all ready and on our flights. Then said goodbye to our friends. It was super hard after being with the Elders of my district saying goodbye and not hugging them...... And then saying goodbye to Hermana Harris was hard too, because me, Hna Maynez and Hna Harris we're the three musketeers of the CCM. But we all live in Utah so in time we shall reunite.

Well I am here and it will be great!!! Gots to go

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Hermana jenika hull

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