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Monday, January 11, 2016

Aren´t we just so blessed!!


Thanks so much for the lists of Jasmine and Jordan. They made my day. I was super excited to read them so thank you.

My feet are fine. I think it is something like the eczema on my shins and I have creams that seem to be helping but not at the rate I thought they would but all is well there. At least they don't itch as much any more. I was thinking about trying some oils too. I just don't know which ones so yeah.

That is cool about the missionaries in our Stake. I just thought there would  be more. But I guess we are from Utah huh?  not Ecuador and so it is a lot different there than it is here. I mean we have 20 missionaries in 1 stake here so ya know just a little different. :D

Sounds like you are having some good times to start of this new year. I thought about Florida also and can't believe it has been a year. I mean that is crazy. It seriously felt like yesterday. Well not really because of what happened yesterday but sorry. I am just being really literal right now. Sometimes too literal but you know it is what happens when you come on the mission. Or not maybe that is just me now I don't know my thoughts are just everywhere right now sorry.

Well this week in my life has been really good. Just about the same as any other missionary week. We contacted, taught, found, looked, studied and ate some good food :) I love the mission. There is so much that is the same each day but everyday is just so different. It is kind of crazy how much I love the mission. I just love talking and making friends and I get to do it everyday in a different language than my normal but then I not only get to be there friend and talk but I get to teach about the wonderful simple truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help them find the joy and happiness that they can get from living it too!!

We met a lot of new people this week but I want to tell you about one in particular. Her name is Gabriela Toapanta. We were contacting. We have been contacting a lot. We need to find new investigators and that is one of the biggest ways we have been finding them. Our Zone leaders taught us an amazing way to contact with the Book of Mormon and so we have been able to get into lots of more houses. So we were using it and she let us in. We started with the normal who we are and why we are here. And then started in to leccion 1. She told us how she never lets anyone into her house. But just felt like she had to. She was practically bearing her testimony to us by the end of the lesson. She told us about her life and her two girls and how she doesn't have work because here in Ecuador it is super hard to find a job right now. She told us how she knows that God puts people into our lives for a reason at the specific time we need them and I can tell you I have not been in a more powerful lesson than that one. She was so ready to hear the gospel and never have I seen someone accept baptism like that. She was just like yes I will on that day. WOW: when you have times like that on the mission you really just know you are the instrument to bring the Holy Ghost to the people and he really is the true teacher!!

Also Jenifer is doing well. She came to church and loved it!! She is going to be strong, but she needs a lot of support of the members because she got to tell me about her life as we rode the bus to church yesterday and she has gone through so much and has no one but her 2 little boys. Please keep them in your prayers.

So we had our Stake Conference yesterday and boy was it powerful. We had Elder Taylor Godoy of the 70 here and wooooohooo wow. It was just so good not only for the people but for us missionaries too. He talked how we are part of the Sacred Nation of the Gospel and how we need to have our identification right. How he said that we identify ourselves is through how we live the Gospel. That there are so many things we can do that we can act like it or we really can live it. The whole basis of the Conference was our personal conversion. It was so powerful because that is truly one of the things as a missionary I am learning. There are different points of conversion. We can have a testimony and know the church is true but that isn't true conversion. It is when we have a testimony and then to put it into practice and living what you know to be true to then fortify and to add strength to the testimony you do have. Man i just love the Gospel.

Like I am truly convinced that I could be a missionary forever.....well not quite I think I would die quickly from being so tired all the time. I think that may be one of the reasons that us hermanas only get to serve for a year and a half because our bodies couldn't just take it for 2. But you know I have figured out I will be a missionary forever because I want to be and it may not be here in Ecuador but wherever I may go in this big world of awesomeness. Because I mean they do say...... Everything is awesome when your on the Lords team!!!!!!

I love you all a ton. Promise my thoughts will be more put together next week. I am just tired right now and really just keep typing but I think it put together a pretty good email but you know here is the best part just learned it from Hna Ukle

<(^.^)>  it is called a hug you feel the love??

Love you soooooooooo much,
Hermana Hull

PS Pics of my life from today and this cream one is today! And well still not use to the milk on a shelf and in a bag......just kidding I LOVE IT!!!

Oh and my other pair of glasses broke so i am super grateful you got me two!! Love you!

Milk in a Bag on a Shelf
TP Choices

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