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Monday, January 18, 2016

Well you are never going to guess who is coming to visit us.....


Sounds like kind of a stressful week but I am happy you could end it with an awesome day celebrating an awesome person named JADEN!! I can't believe he is 17...and so tall is he like 7 feet now. Can't say little brother anymore but only younger....just kidding he will always be my little brother!!!

You know I understand your week perfectly, feeling a bit off. I had one too. I mean it is a little different in the mission but mom I understand. Don't worry all things will work out. I mean we have the gospel and the love of God. Romans 8:31 and Moroni 7:33.... Just a few pick me ups!!

So this week was full of meetings and stuff. We had our monthly capacitacion with Presidente Tuesday and then Wednesday district and zone meeting and then Thursday we had Elder Carlos A. Godoy of the 1st quorum of the Seventy come talk to us. It was absolutely amazing and just the best ever because we were able to learn so many things that we can put into practice now and help us, help our sectors even better. I love it!!

Huge announcement from Presidente this HUGE!! In the month of February our mission gets a special visit that we are supppppppppppeeeeeeeerrrrrr and I mean super excited about........Elder Jeffery R. Holland is coming to our mission to talk to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are being super blessed and I am sooooooo excited!! Let you know more about it when it happens.

So other than that we just worked liked normal this week and had an amazing Sunday. Because after months and months of working with the familia Zambranos they were rescued. We took them to their interview Thursday night which in and of itself was a huge miracle and then they came to church yesterday on time (first time ever) which made them active members of the church again!!!! HUGE MIRACLE after tons of work and love and seeing some very hard things they are happy have goals to baptize Stefi in March and get sealed the end of the year!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!
Jenifer is doing really well to. She is amazing and her family has put her through a lot and she is just so prepared!! We are working to find even more people so please keep us in your prayers to be able to find the ones that need this precious gospel!!

Funny story.... So we always prayer before we leave the house and we always pray in Spanish. I mean it is hard to pray in English now. So we knelt down and Hermana Ukle went ¨¨Heavenly Father.......WHAT!?!?!¨¨ We both just kind of laughed and felt awkward because we don't pray in English and it caught us both way off guard!!

Love you all a ton!! Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is a great scripture about really there is time for everything and God truly knows what we need!!


Hermana Hull

PS My feet aren't perfect yet but are getting there. They don't itch anymore usually so that is good!! :D

Honey for Scones

Feeling cute

Ibambura Zone back together

Funny Faces

Hermana Hull, Jenifer, Gabriel and Jared

Lunch at the Mission Home

Elder Godoy from the Seventy teaching the missionaries

Familia Zambranos

Hermano Zambranos with Hermana Hull

Banana Split Party Pday

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