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Monday, March 21, 2016

¨¨This is Real Life¨¨ -Elder Holland


Your weeks seem to be getting busier and busier as they go by. The snow must be gone or almost right with all this outside activity. Sounds like a whirlwind of a time with all this Ultimate and good fun stuff y'all keep doing. I love to hear about it.
I am so excited to see how Jaden plays. I will have to get back into Ultimate shape and out of missionary shape to ever even come close to all that he does now. He sounds like a Beast!!

I got a bunch of letters from the primary this week. They are so cute and I love there little drawings. It made me feel really loved and miss my calling as a primary teacher. I didn't want to at first but then it became the best calling ever. I mean that is just where the basics are in the Gospel and that is what I am teaching here. I love Primary. I will also be sending a letter soon back so be looking for that in the next couple weeks :D

As you talked about the temple dedication and how we live in the temporary world and the temple is the real world I just couldn't help think how very true that is. It is such a blessing to go to the temple and to have so many around the world to be protected from the evils of this world and go a visit the real world for a while. I also couldn't help to think about Elder Holland talking to us about the mission. I feel that this time is also as he put it ¨¨real life¨¨ time. I know that is true. Like really true. This is real life. Some may think that a mission is just a year and a half or two years to get away from there problems and live in the dream world. That is so untrue. Everything I have done, do and have yet done have meant so much more in my life than any other moment of my life. I am not only changing myself but am fighting for the Salvation of other souls. It is the hardest work in this whole world but also the most rewarding work any human being could ever in all there life do. :D

So this week went like a blur. Every week just keeps going faster and faster and it is crazy how the time is going. But that does not stop us from seeing tons of miracles and blessings. First I would like to tell you of Victor. He is 9 years old and is getting baptized this Saturday!!! He is from San Lorenzo and his mom was menos activo(less active). She has changed and is now active and reading every day. Victor we were a little worried with how he understood what we were teaching but when he had his entrevista(interview) with our district leader, Elder Dickerson said that he truly gets it!! That is truly a miracle!! Keep praying for him this week to make it to his fecha(date).
Also another huge miracle is that the Familia Bermudez has fecha(date) to get married. We fasted with them this passed Thursday and now they are prepping for that. They are seeing a ton of opposition right now and need as many prays as they can get. They are progressing and truly have the desire to come unto Christ and I have never been so blessed to be apart of something like this. I feel they are part of the reason I am here in Ibarra. To help them make it to there goal of being a forever family.

We have seen many more miracles this week and have been so blessed. I am learning more and ore ever single day and know that the Lord is in all things. I love the video that the church came out with for this Easter season and I truly can say I have found new life in Jesus Christ!
I love him and give him my all. He is my King of Kings and Lord of Lords and I will always follow him!! (if you haven't seen it go and watch it now!)

Love you all tons and hope you have a wonderful week!!
Hermana Hull

PS I will let you know about school...gotta think a bit
PPS Love you tons!!!!

The Familia Bermudez

Victor and his siblings

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