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Monday, July 11, 2016

New comp...but the last one....


First off I am sooooo super excited that you got to Meet President and Hermana Richardson!!!!! Like you have no idea. They are just the best ever and everything that they taught to you they taught to me and so much more. I love them a ton!!!
Also I am SUPER excited to meet Hna you have no idea. I love her so much. She is seriously one of my best friends!!!!

Also I can't believe that all my friends are getting home.....It kind of freaks me out that this is all happening but super cool to. If you see pics send them to me so I can see too!!!

Sounds like you just had a great week and I am so happy for that. I love this gospel that we have based our lives on and I love it that we can make friends that are eternal through it!!!

Well update to all y'all changes happened. Hermana Huayta is headed home to Bolivia tomorrow morning and left yesterday to Quito for capacitaciones and all that jazz. So i was with another hermana when i found out that I am staying in Yaruqui and that I will be TRAINING again. I am sooooo super excited. So I don't know who exactly is my comp but I am excited. So I am with Hermana Israelsen for these next few days because she is training too. So that is super cool. I am doing good. I just can't believe that time is flying and that I am starting my last change. I don't really want to give it attention but it is on the mind a bit. But I so super happy that I am still here and still have time to work and bless the lives of my little Ecuadorian people. I love them so much and love this gospel so much so it just works together so well.

I know that we are blessed and like Pres. Richardson said that being obedient is 'Cool.' I know that obedience to the Lord not only in the big things but the little things that he asks us each day is such a miracle in and of itself that we are able to become even more like our Savior and learn how to truly submit our will to his so that we can do all that we need to.

I was in a lesson the other day and as we shared I came upon a scripture in DyC 58:31 and went a bit more in depth to it during study and just how powerful the promises of the Lord are and how we will always be blessed. I feel that really as we do his will we come to understand more fully the covenants we have made and how we are able to understand how eternally important these promises that the Lord makes with us are. Really it is all about making the right decision.  It is really cool to find promises he has made to people through out time and how they are completed. The Book of Mormon is full of them. So you can do a bit more in that too and we will all see the miracles that have come of those wonderful promises!!

Love you tons!!!!
Hermana Hull

Cutting Strawberries we can't eat......Service

Yaruqui District

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