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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I just really love the Temple and challenge everyone to go to the Temple.

Hey Mom,

Well here I am again writing.... wow weeks go by fast but I am so grateful for each day I get to write my family. Wow a lot has happened this week.

First I did not get to watch the Womens General session which is a bummer but I will hopefully get the Ensign in English so I can read the talks.

JADEN IS GOING TO PROM EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! WHATTTTTTTTTTT! I am so excited for him. He is such a stud and I love him so much and any girl that takes him out or he will take out will be the luckiest girl in the world because my little brother is top notch!!!! I love you Jaden

Happy Birthday Jasmine!!! I wrote you a quick note last week but Happy Birthday Again. I love you Jasmine!!

Jordan I got your Dear Elder.... I love you Jordan!!

Mom I am so thankful for your letter each week!! I love hearing about what has happened. I love you MOM!

So to my week then,  I got a Latina companion. It has been sooooo hard but soooo good for my Spanish. I have learned twice as much as I did in the first four weeks I have been here. I actually have had two. My first was Hma Castillo from Venezuela. She is super kind is 22 years old and speaks very clear Spanish. She isn't my comp anymore but she is in my room and is super fun. She became a Sister leader with another Hma so I got a new companion. Her name is Hma Castro and she is from......... wait for it....... bet you will never guess......Jordan will be excited......she is from Bolivia. Tarija exactly. Not sure if that was in his mission but I think it is pretty cool that she is from there because of Jordan. It was a rough start with her. Her Espanol is not quite as clear as Hma Castillos and just a few personality differences that caused some hard times but altogether we are a pretty okay companionship.
Yesterday was probably the hardest day at the CCM for me. We were trying to plan a lesson and I just couldn't get what I needed across. I was so frustrated and about just walked out of the room. And blew up in English. I really just couldn't take it at that moment, because I wasn't understanding and when I did she wanted to teach about things that weren't needed at that time and I felt what we needed to teach but couldn't explain why because I don't have the words and I was just frustrated but through it learned.   I really need to be patient with myself and others. Because if I am not I will be frustrated my whole mission. One thing I have thought a lot is that I am very comfortable with being confused most the time, but, sometimes I just tip past that point and need to be patient in those times. That is when Heavenly Father is humbling me reminding me that I need to be humble to teach and that is why I didn't go English speaking because I would have been very prideful but I have learned that even though I know so little that is okay because I can bring the spirit with my simple testimony and he is what is important in the lesson.

Soccer was super fun this week. I played a lot and have made quite a few goals not to toot my own horn or anything ;)

Also I had a super cool opportunity this morning. My comp hadn't gone through the temple yet and I got to be her escort. It was such a great temple experience. It reminded me of my first time and those who were with me. The temple is such a blessing. It was fun to go and listen to what they say before the sessions starts again but it was in Spanish but I understood which was super cool. I just really love the Temple and challenge everyone to go to the Temple. If you read in Alma 26 verses 5 and 6 and think of the temple as the place where the storm won't be able to get you you will want to go to the temple. It offers protection in so many things and if you take the time to go you will feel the power. I really want everyone to go!! It is the best and if you can't prepare and go!! It will bless your life. Also talk by Elder Bednar in April 2009 about the temple I don't remember the title but soooooooo good read it study it and GO!!! :)

Man I am so excited for General Conference and to know you will all be listening to it too makes it even better. I can't wait to hear what needs to be said that will help me be a better missionary and what I need to hear personally. Every time conference comes my testimony is strengthened and I am so excited. :D

Man I sure do love you!! And miss you but I have learned to turn that into power to work harder and my focus. It helps me to know that I can do hard things with your support.

I love you so much with my whole heart!!!!! Have a great week! Laugh, smile and make someones day because I want you to but also the Savior does too. Serve it helps!
Love you all so much!!!!!!
Jenika Hermana Hull

Oh also just a shout out to my Grandparents just cuz I love them and want them to know I pray for them!!!!

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