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Monday, May 4, 2015

I love the gospel and I love that I am here

Hey Mom,

So this week. Wow what a week it has been. Okay I will start with this and then go to other things.
Part 1 --- The Pain Begins

So all was well this past Monday. We had a great pday I emailed you guys and went on with life. Then Tuesday came. I was feeling good. Study was good and I had a great personal study. Then out to work. We were having  fantastic day. None of our appointments fell through. The lessons were great. I was doing more in the lessons and felt really good about what was happening. We then were at a menos activo family and were having a lesson with them. It was The Restoration. Super good. I felt awesome about it. After the lesson was over this family makes t shirts and so our zone wants a zone t shirt. So we were talking to them about it. I started feeling weird. It wasn't quite a stomachache but felt kind of like it. So I asked to use the restroom. I went and it didn't help and the pain kept getting worse and worse. The pain intensified in my lower right abdomen. I was in so much pain. We finally finished up. This family lives Arriba so we were far away from our house. I told my comp and she was like okay lets call the nurse. No answer. I felt maybe the restroom might help. I was hurting really bad and we found a member at home not to far away and I went into the restroom probably for a good 20ish minutes and nothing helped. I finally was like something is wrong. So we left and were headed back to the house my comp was like lets buy something for the pain. So as we walked I was feeling horrible. I about passed out and was super nauseous. We stopped at a pharmacia and told the guy what was up. He asked where the pain was.  I told him and he immediately said that is your appendix. So my comp was like to the hospital we go ;) not quite like that. So we headed to the hospital in Otavalo. But finally got hold of the nurse. She asked me about what I was feeling and then said go to the emergencia but not in Otavalo. She doesn't trust that so she told us to go to a clinic in Ibarra which is a solid 20 minutes away.

Part 2-- Ibarra

So we headed home grabbed money and my passport copy and grabbed a taxi to Ibarra. 10 dollars later... we were at the clinic. We headed in and the nurse took my vitals and called the doc to come in. Waited. At this point I was laying down and that helped, so to lighten the mood of my comp I cracked a few jokes. We laughed and that helped both of us I think. Just so you know it is super hard for me to crack jokes in Spanish so this was a good moment for the language ;) Finally the doc got there and did a few tests of pushing on my stomach and such. Well he said that it was probably my appendix but wait 12 hours before to see what was wrong for reals. We called the nurse and she was like okay go home sleep and come to Quito for the tests. Okay. So we went home slept and then got told to be to Quito by 4 for an appointment so I slept the morning away.

Part 3-- Quito, THE HOSPITAL

So we finally headed out to Quito the next morning on a bus. I was hurting pretty good but the pain had eased a bit. We got to the hospital and found the nurse. We headed to the appointment. Got in the doctor did a few pokes a prods and said this was my appendix most likely so go to emergencia because the tests will be faster. So the nurse came with me and my comp went with her comp and we headed to the emergencia. Well we got there took my vitals. Started a IV, took blood and made me use the restroom for tests. I laid there and talked to the nurse. We chatted in English because she is North American and that was nice. Eventually the test results came back. Everything was normal but the doc wanted to make sure so he decided to keep me over night in the hospital to observe me and to do an ultrasound. So the nurse called and told people what was happening and I just laid there. Not in as much pain because laying down helped and the pain was easing a lot. Eventually after a lots of liquids put into my body they did an ultrasound and found nothing but they still kept me in the hospital for the night. They took me to a room and I ¨slept¨ not. I had strange dreams and like every five minutes nurses were coming in. They had a hard time taking blood for another test in the morning so I have bruises on both elbow places and back of both hand,and a Big one from the IV. They finally in the morning were sure it wasn't my appendix so they let me eat after 48 hours of not eating. Crackers and jam never tasted so good. Well they eventually let me go and we made it back to Otavalo about  8:30 that night. Our zone leaders were there with food and helped us with our bags. They are great.
I have to go back to Quito this week for more tests. They are still unsure what it is but they think it is a parasite or something inflamed. So more tests. Also I have a diet I have to follow. Like no MILK.... I bought milk last p-day and cant drink it.

That is the story. But I want to share a bit more.

So after we got back to Otavalo after Ibarra we went and found Elder Carr and Elder Canete. They share our sector but are in a totally different zone and district. But we work with them a lot and have become good friends. They gave me a blessing and that helped me a lot.
What I really want to share is that this experience was super hard. More Mentally than Physically. The whole time even when I was cracking jokes I wanted to be home. I wanted You, mom, to be with me. I wanted my family, I wanted Becca to talk to. I wanted to not be here. The next morning after Quito and getting back I had zero desire to be here. None. I woke up and laid there in my bed and said I am done I am going home. I can't do this. I didn't want to be on a mission. I didn't want to learn Spanish, I didn't want to be sick and I wanted to be home. I got up and told my comp. She immediately said no. We got dressed and went to ask for a blessing of comfort. Then back to the house. My comp listened as I talked in English. I know she didn't understand everything but someone listened. It got better through the day. Prayer, a lot of prayer and searching myself on why I am here. Well I got a blessing and read a talk. My blessing promised me many things that are super special. Like how this is to help me follow God better in my mission, that my family needs me here, that Heavenly Father hopes that i stay and learn to love the mission. And so many other things that i needed. And then the talk. It is called the 4th missionary. It really put things into perspective too. But most of all was you guys at home. My testimony came from the teachings of home. I learned a lot about myself and I don't want to come home. I want to be here. IT is hard especially with this happening. But right now I want to be here. I want to serve the Lord and I won't not. This week has been the hardest of my mission up to this point. I know I am going to have many challenges more in my mission. It is a part of how the mission changes you and makes you better. But I know more now and will work through them. I know I can Trust my Heavenly Father, I know I can trust you will all be okay. I know that I have been called here for a reason and I don't know why yet but I am staying and going to learn. I love the gospel and I love that I am here.

So Skype. I should be calling around 4 my time. Skyping from a members house. Don't know the username but Skype yeah next Sunday at 4ish.

Well we also had some other good things happen like and investigator accepted a baptismal date!!! WOOHOO!!

I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!! I love you mom.
Have a great week and talk to you Sunday!!!

Hermana Hull at Hospital in Quito
Back home in Otavalo


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