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Monday, July 13, 2015


I got your package this week!! It had everything in it all the goodies and snacks and all the socks. Thanks so much they were much needed.

Sounds like a full summer week full of summer activities from all ends. NO not the dirt pile!!!!!!!!! POR QUE??? Haha that will be a change of pace, that thing has been there my whole life it is truly apart of me.....but I believe I can overcome this change. ;)

I am so happy you got to go to the temple this week. I love the temple soooo and miss it a lot. We talk about the blessings of the temple in Soceidad de Socorro(Relief Society) yesterday and I wanted to just get up and go buy a ticket to Guayaquil and go but nope. I can wait but the temple is so blessed and sacred in my heart. I love it.

Well this week was better that is for sure, but definitely not perfect. I have been quite sick with a cold. I believe it started last Monday but got worse on Tuesday because it rained all day long. That was a fun day but a bad day for the sickness side of things. It was bad enough that we got permission to go to Otavalo to get some cough medicine. But I think I am on the upside now. Still have a cough and headache but each day it gets better.

This week was better on the comp side of things. I have learned a lot about myself and how I need to be in certain situations. I learned that praying for my comp is really important. This change has been really tough. The sector and ward are totally different. But the people are just as wonderful. We don't have any really good investigators right now but in time and with faith. Also we are working a lot with the menos activos(less actives). There are tons of them in this ward. We have a family that I really pray that we can help get back to church. Also an 18 year old with her baby named Pacarina. She was actually a convert of Hermana Szerdi when she was there. She went through some tough times and is now inactive but I really love her and know that we can help her. The family of Laura Ramos also. They come every once in a while to church but we go and visit often because they need strength. I love them too. I really feel the power in teaching when we teach about the Atonement and Jesus Christ as our Savior and we talked to them about it and they really opened up with us.
It is cool because I am talking a lot more in Spanish and a lot of people ask me for help in English and it is cool because I can now help them. I also am a lot more outgoing with the Spanish now. I felt I kind of pulled into a shell a little bit at the beginning of my mission. But I am now back to my normal outgoing self. Hermana Quiros says that I am the reason that we are able to teach some of these people. She says they would never talk to her before and wanted nothing to do with the Gospel. But now that I am here and having fun with them and talking and teaching them they are a lot more open. Maybe this is why I need to be in Carabuela. That really made me feel good. Also there is a member family named the Familia Moreta Tituana. They are soooo wonderful I love them. They have 3 little boys and we are good friends. To see there smiling faces helps a lot and to always here them yell 'Hermanita' makes a heart feel good.

So all in all to answer your question. I am doing better. Not perfect and I know that this a challenge for me to grow so all will be well. Not going to lie this week was better but still hard. I feel alone sometimes in a house of me and 3 Latinas. They are great but I cant quite express everything in Spanish and they don't understand English. I really wanted to give you a hug, mom this week. Being sick made it harder. I think I stress myself out when I am sick normally because I hate being sick and it kind of scares me. But I think this week I put more stress on myself to get better to work and that didn't help. The other night I really prayed about it and then thought about what Hermana Richardson taught me about praising the lord. It is how we can really put our trust in him. I did that again. I am doing it more often and it is helping change me. I am not as stressed about getting better and so I am getting better. I am feeling the desire to work harder and harder. When I was stressed and worried that desire to share was not as strong and almost vacant but it is coming back and I am getting better and better every single day.

One thing that I have learned is that The Lord is who I can fully put my trust in.  He is the only one that can carry me always. Like the poem footprints in the sand says that is is carrying me through the hard times. He is the one that does that for me every single day and especially in these past couple weeks. I want to be closer to him everyday because of this. My testimony is growing stronger everyday of his power and love and I am eternally grateful for this!!

Funny the little Moreta boys ride there bikes a lot. They are puny. But the other day I was like "I can ride that" and they didn't believe me. You bet I rode that bike and the whole ward saw it and laughed and laughed but hey I rode that bike. Haha
Also I took a really great fall in the chapel the other day and the floor was really slippery. Oh it was a good biff you all would have been proud!! :D

Still playing the piano for the choir can you believe it? ya me neither!!

I made no bake cookies and pancakes this week!! Please send more recipes!! I love to cook. It find it destresses me!!!

I love you sooooooooo much!! I hope you have a wonderful week!! I pray for you often and love you even more every single day.
I love you mom!!
Hermana Jenika Hull

PS I got to play ultimate with my zone today and almost lost my disc but I found it. It was going to be a birthday request if I didn't find it. It felt good to throw and I really loved it!!



Just serving the Lord

Rainy Tuesday

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