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Monday, July 27, 2015

Hmmm what is cold? Our house!!

Hola Mama,

How are you this fine Monday? I am doing good and it sounds like you are having a wonderful summer.  I am super grateful for my ancestors too. I actually talk about them a lot and in the future am excited to get to know them. It will be a grand day of happiness and joy, to meet them who are supporting me in the mission and in my life. What a grand opportunity to have my ancestors be pioneers. A lot of the members are really interested in this. It is fantastic to have this.

Wow what a turn out of family!! I love my family!!!

Don't feel like you just babble about the week. It means so much to me to read your letters every single week. They have so much meaning and love that I can feel that don't change anything. They truly bring me your testimony of the gospel and that strengthens me each week. Thank you for that.

Well this week was quite and adventure. First off we are living in Carabuela now. We got a call Thursday to move that very same day, to the same house the Hermanas were in before and so we did. We are in Carabuela now and the house is sooooo much colder. Like my toes hurt in the mornings during studies but it is nice to be here now because we are able to work more in our sector and it truly is a blessing to be here.

So funny story I had to go to Ibarra again but this time for a medical appointment. I am still sick and am working on getting better. The doctor said I have a sinus infection and this is why I am not getting better. Well we went and got the medications he gave me to get better and they seem to be working but I am not sure a sinus infection includes a cough but I feel better. But since the appointment was in Ibarra I had to pay the bill with my apoyo(monthly money) to then get reimbursed. Well it was a lot more than expected. It was suppose to be 20 but ended up 40 and so that was the rest of my apoyo right there.  To live for the next week and a half and then to buy my medications I had to use my reserve fund and some of my personal money and so I had nothing left because the medications were 35. Well with this happening and then moving houses I was officially a hobo for a day. I didn't have a house or money. I never want to live like that. It would be such a hard life. Well don't worry I didn't starve I used some more money of mine to buy food for the next little while and hope my reimbursement will come in the next little while. But all is well. I have a bed and food and I am a missionary so nothing in this world could be better for the moment!!!

We had the opportunity to watch the Restoration video with some members for a FHE the other day. This was a wonderful thing to be able to see. I really do have a testimony of Joseph Smith. He was called of God and did all he did with Gods power. I know through the power of the priesthood he was able to translate the Book of Mormon for us and it is a wonderful book full of truth and light. I know that all he did and all he suffered was to bring through a restoration the true gospel to this earth. This is the true gospel I know it!! And I love it with my whole heart and am so grateful for the chance every single day right now to just leave the house for one purpose and that is to share this most wonderful good news with others so they can have peace and happiness in this life but more that they can live with there families forever too. I love the covenants of this gospel that allow us to have this knowledge of the gospel. Every day in the mission has its challenges but to have the opportunity to share the gospel makes overcoming those challenges through the Atonement of Jesus Christ even sweeter!! I love it and am so thankful that I am worthy and able to be here in this time to share the gospel with these wonderful people of Carabuela!! Que maravillosa!!!

I love you soo much and hope that you have a wonderful week!! I know that God is blessing you every day and that you are able to feel his spirit. I thank him every day for this and pray for each one of you everyday!!
Thanks for the wonderful support and love I receive everyday through your prayers and letters every week.
Con todo el amor tengo en mi corazon
Hermana Jenika Hull

PS I hit 5 months I the mission last Saturday. Can you believe it. Yeah me either!!!

PS This is Carabuela

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