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Monday, July 20, 2015

Well you are never going to believe what I ate

Well here we are again another week has come and gone and how good it has been. A lot better. I still have congestion but I am on the mend with this cold and did use the cold medicine. Thank you for that. Sounds like you had a wonderful week full of fun activities. I can't believe all the good times that you are having but also the good times here in Ecuador. Me and my comp will always be different but our relationship is growing. Thanks for the address of Laura, she emailed me.

To answer your questions I have no idea when we will move into our area. I love our area and it would help everyone. But I bet it will be in the next cambio. I am living out of my bags right now. It is hard but I won't ever forget it!!!

My knee is doing okay. Some days it hurts others no. I am working on exercising more to keep it good but the hills are hard on it but, all is well.

Well to get to the good stuff. You were all wondering when it would happen and it did. I ate Cui(guinea pig). It was a crazy experience. Not only did I eat it but I saw the whole process of killing it and taking the hair off and cutting it open and and seasoning it and then eating it. It was a very difficult experience at first but not going to lie, it wasn't half bad. Definitely not my favorite dish in the world and wouldn't choose to eat it every day as a delicacy but i did eat it and saw the whole thing and the process was very interesting and also it was a major gift to receive.

One tradition i find very interesting about the Otavalian culture is the way they ask to marriage or to be padrinos. I got to see one happen this week and it was super cool. The family brings all this stuff and presents to the other people and then they talk about dates and such. But they have to bring 12 cui and 12 gallos(roosters) but they hang them alive upside down by there feet, on a large board. I have a pic but Hermana Quiros is using my card for a sec so I will have to send it another day. Also if you open a pop then you take it around to share with everyone, with the same cup. Yeah I share the same cup with 20 people now. Germs don't really get to me anymore.

I really am learning the power of the atonement. We had a capacitation(training) this week and also just teaching has really taught me a lot. I still have so much to learn but every time I do I want to share this gospel even more. I love the power it has to change. It changed my comp a lot. She has told me things that would be so hard to overcome. Like addictions to substances and such, but she is here and it is the power of the Atonement. It can be seen in Marisol. She changed to come to baptism. It can change anyone if they will obey the commandments and do the little things that help you have Faith in our Savior. Most importantly it is changing me every single day in this life and especially in the mission. I wouldn't be able to speak or write or testify without the cleansing power of the Atonement. I love it!

I love you all soooooooooooooo much. Have a wonderful week and keep enduring to the end. But remember enduring is more than suffering through. It is enjoying life with all its difficulties. It is hard but it is possible.

With all my love
Hermana Jenika Hull

PS. 2 Conference Talks to look up "Grateful in Any Circumstance" By President Utchdorf
and "Beautiful Mornings" by Bruce R. Parks of the Seventy.  Helped me a lot this week!!

Baby Pig

Sisters in her District

CUI(Guinea Pig)

Eating Cui

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