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Monday, October 19, 2015

Might I just say....I love my MISSION

Yes I got everything. Jasmines fotos made me happy and I can't believe Jordan's beard. That is insane. I can't believe those pumpkins either. Thanks for sending them.

Just sounds like you guys are having full weeks and are going by fast. I can't believe it is Monday again and I am here writing again. It is slightly difficult to write because the weeks are blending together and going by like nothing and so I just can't seem to get my thoughts straight but I will for sure try hard.

First I really just have to say that I love with all my heart the MISSION!! It is so hard but so fulfilling. It is crazy what I do and I know that it is the most important work in this world and I truly can't believe some people don't want to accept us but that is okay because our Heavenly Father has a plan and we are planting seeds so that they will come and be made perfected in him.

It rains a lot now. They say that it will rain probably 3 or 4 times a week because it is the start of what they call winter but it is still a nice spring climate. I mean it gets a little chilly but other than that it is still really really nice.

Kind of a rough week because Hermana Pingree is a little sick with the gripe(flu) and also because a lot of our citas just fell through. We are working really hard but just learning the heavenly virtue of patience here in our sector. There are a lot of people prepared here I know it. I just have to keep the faith that we will find them. The investigators we have either literally can't progress or are just scared to keep commitments or just put us off. That is okay it is part of the work but sometimes we have to really learn the importance of faith and that is how we keep going.

I love being comps with Hermana Pingree. She is the best. We laugh a lot and just really enjoy being in each others company. That is always nice. I can't believe how fast you learn to love people in the mission and that it is friendships that will last a lifetime. I mean you make plans with them and love them and desire their salvation and want them to be there in the Celestial Kingdom with you and can't bear the thought if they weren't. That is why I am so grateful I have the gospel and the truth that I know that all those I love will be there with me. We just all have to do our best and will be blessed for it.

I learned a lot this week about faith. I mean I know what faith is and always have but I truly came to realize that faith is truly an action and that we are the ones that can choose whether to act or be acted upon. Never ever do we want the second option because that isn't the way our Heavenly Father planned for us. As we act in faith we are willing to do what he wants us to do and we are able to forget ourselves and our will and truly be lost in the work of our all powerful Father in Heaven. He is the best and I am so grateful he sent me to Ecuador.

I tried Colada Morada this week and oh my goodness it is the best thing I have eaten here. It is a dulce colada which is like a soup made of mora(blackberry) and is so delicious. I just love it. Just had to put that in there.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. Love a lot
Hermana Hull

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Free salchipapas a member bought us. They are really good!!

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