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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Conference wow!

Well you had a wonderfully week and so did I.

And to top it all off was Conference. It was such a wonderful thing to have and hear. I got to see all the sessions and in English. They had a room for us gringos and that was truly a blessing for me.

I was thinking.... Elder Cook said that there are 230.000 missionaries that are serving and have served in the last five years. Well that is super cool because in the last five years me, and my sister and older brother served the Lord. I just thought how cool that is that we 3 are included of these valiant soldiers of our Heavenly Father. Wow right.

I also really loved the talk by Elder Oaks and how powerful the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ is, not just for sin but for all things that are hard in our lives.

Well the rest of my week was really good. We are really working up a storm in our sector and trying to find nuevos to continue helping the ward grow. It is tough but so good.

As for my comp she is Hermana Pingree. She is from Salt Lake and 19 years old. She is the 3rd of 5 children and the second missionary. Her dad was a mission president in Texas while she was in high school and now an Area 70. Her mom is just a mom at home. She is in her 3rd cambio of the mission and is super fun and nice to be around. We have a wonderful relationship and really have a lot of fun together. The problem is that we can speak English so we are really working on our self control.

I know this was a bit shorter this week I am sorry. Just know that I love you so much and am truly loving every word that you send to me every week.

I just need to say to you mama. That as I heard Elder Hollands talk my thoughts were all on you and how much of an angel you are in my life. From the first time I took a breath to every laugh we have shared together. I love you
Hermana Hull
Ps Imma gonna send pics of the apartment easier than explaining.
PPS Wow christmas. Can I have a week to think? I will think this week and let you know next week. As for the other I hope this week.
I love you so much
Scripture for Ponderizing
D&C 6:36 :D
Love ya

Cooking for Zone Activity

Study Area in Apartment


Hermanas Hull and Pingree

Narnia Closet

Hermana Pingree and her never ending supply of bananas

Zone Activity

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