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Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year, What is this?


I understand what they mean by that saying to because it is sooooo super true!!!!

i am sorry this is so short this week and will make it up next week but i hope you enjoy the pictures that i sent too.

I love being a missionary and love my life here in Ecuador., It is super different from anything else i have done and i love if for that reason. i am so blessed with so many different amazing companions and hope that i keep getting awesome one but i know i will because they are called of God just like I am to be here at this time in this place to do the Lords work.

I love my Savior and know he live and loves me. I am thankful for the opportunity i have to be his servant and give of my all and will continue to do so in this 2016.

A new year. A new chance for new opportunites. A new time to put goals and achieve them. A new time to put more time on the things that really matter. A new time to be better than we were the year before in all aspects of our life. A new time to love more and forgive more often. A new time to care and to be cared for. A new time to give of your all. A new time to find a new hobby and get good. But most of all another year of life that is a gift that we are able to become closer to the Lord and Savior of the world Jesus Christ!!!!

i love you all tons and will tell you more about traditions and stuff of the new year next week.
Love you
hermana Hull

Christmas Dinner at the mission home


Hermana Hull with the Richardsons

Street in Quito

Christmas Eve


Still plays with her food

Crazy thing they burn for the New Year


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