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Monday, December 14, 2015

Well lets just hope it all works out this time......


Wow it just sounds like every week is just more full and more busy for you guys and it is absolutely crazy that you are doing all this stuff. I mean I just can believe it at all. I am not there living it with you but that it is actually happening. It is just crazy isn't it, how time just works wonders?

So I will call at 2 on Christmas. I don't think that will change but if it does I will just let you know the time next Monday but just plan on 2 my time. I still don't know the time difference and so you will be able to figure it out I hope because I am utterly confused on the time that it is at home and here at home in Ecuador.

Well can you just believe that changes have come and gone once again. Nothing to big has happened to me this time. I am still going to be in Carcelen and recieved the phone call that I will be training.....again. Haha I just hope it all works out this time and I actually get my hija. I am excited to meet her and to start her on the path of the mission life. I just hope I can just be a good trainer and just be the best I can be so that she can trust me and learn what my Father in Heaven would have her learn of me.

So crazy. I am with Hermana Pingree right now as my comp. Just for these few days before we both recieve our hijas. She is training too. She is going to be so great and I am super excited for her!!!!

I just love this time of year and just love the mission even more. I am super grateful for the change I just had with Hermana Holbrook and Hermana Dorta. They are some of my best friends now and I am so thankful for all that I learned of them.

I am just so grateful for the chance I have to serve as a representative of my Savior, Jesus Christ. There is nothing that could be better than that for me at this time in my life.

I love you all and hope you have another packed week full of fun and joy and CHRISTMAS MUSIC!
Love you
Hermana Hull

PS I did get the yellow envelope and I love it so much thanks so much for that!!!!

Ps Pic is pizza and last comp pic with them

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