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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I am so thankful to be a missionary

Hola Presidente!!

I am doing well. We are seeing some good pruebas of our faith here in our sector but we are working on ideas and seeking the revelation to really find the escogidos. I am grateful to be here. When I first got the call that I would be here for 6 months in one sector I wasn't to excited. I knew it was what the Lord needed but I wasn't to happy but now as time has gone on in this change I am grateful to be here. It has not been the easiest change but the one I needed to grow and learn what the Lord truly desires of me. Hermana Ukle is a rock star. She is doing really well and progressing. She is happy to be a missionary. Having a lot of homesickness in these past couple weeks but finally talked to me about it and I think she is doing a lot better. We are up to date on 12 semanas and it is helping both of us learn so much it really is a great tool we have as missionaries.

I was studying in the manual Misional today. And I am just so grateful for that little white book. It truly helps us have success as missionaries if we are just willing to follow the rules of the mission. Obedience really brings blessings and I have seen it over and over in the mission. I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God chosen to restore his Gospel to this earth. I know the Book of Mormon changes lives because of the power of God which it holds. I am so thankful to be a missionary and love this Gospel with my whole heart and am changing every day to become better than I was yesterday.
Thanks truly for all you do Presidente.
Hermana Hull

Well that is my email to my mission president this week. A member who has a son on a mission told me that he asked his son to do that each week and so i decided to share it with you this week. It is a good way to see what i do as a missionary each week.

WOW sounds like a full week of travel for you guys and that you were able to have so much fun. I had no idea that the Provo temple was so close to being done and dedicated. That is super legit. I remember when we went to stadium of fire with Marvin and Lauralee and we ended up going to see it and it seemed like it was just being started. That wasn't to long ago and now is being dedicated. That is so exciting to have another temple on the earth. The jovenes(youth) of our ward got to go this week and so that was super fun to see all the excitement about the temple and a lot of members asked me about the ´´Utah´´ temple or Salt Lake. They are all very surprised when I say there are many more that just that one and that one is 5-10 minutes away from my house. That is such a huge blessing that we have to have the temple so close to our home and when it is closed for cleaning we can go to many others within just an hour. I love the temple and miss it a ton but am excited also to be able to go back after my mission. I know it is the house of the Lord and that he truly resides there. I know the covenants that we make there are not only for the time we have on this earth but forever and make it possible to be with our families for the eternities. I just love it.

So Jasmine is engaged! That is super exciting and surprising. But I am so happy and excited for her.

So this week you asked about Carnaval. We had to stay in on those days unless we had a cita fija(appointments). So on Tuesday we didn't get to go out because we called all the citas to make sure they would be home but all of them had forgot and had gone on vacation. It was a good day of cleaning and study. But we did ´´play´´ Carnaval. That is how they put it that they play it. We had one cita on Monday with the familia Zambrano and we had a fight with what is called "carioca". It is a kind of spray foamy thing that comes in a can like spray paint that you just spray. It was super fun to do and play and it doesn't get you as dirty as eggs and flour :D

I am just so blessed to be a missionary here in Ecuador at this time. I truly love my calling as a missionary at this time. It is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done but the best thing for me for sure. I have changed and grown so much and continue to each day. I see my weaknesses but I am learning every day of the power of the Atonement and that is such a blessing to me to be able to grow and change through this time of my life so that I can be an even better disciple of Christ and daughter of God. I love missionary life so much and am so thankful to be here at this time doing this wonderful work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh, Anita is a member that I just love a ton. She gave us lunch yesterday because our mamita fell through and she just wanted to say hi and that she loves you and is grateful to you that you have let me come on my mission. She is great!!

Love you tons and hope you have a wonderful week! Pray for our sector and that we can find new people. We are seeing this a bit and it is helping us build our faith more and so that would be awesome!!
Hermana Hull

Sorry forgot a subject......Elder Holland is coming this week. He is coming Wednesday so I will write more about that next week.... :D Love you
Eggs and Flour for Carnaval

Carnaval Mess with Zambranos

Wet Hermanas

Portrait of Hermana Hull

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