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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Atonement is so Powerful!!!

Mama and all ya´ll!!

Wow wow wow wow wow!! Why didn't winter happen like that last year too. I sure do miss that fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky. It is so pretty and breath taking. I think I will have to live somewhere with the four seasons for the rest of my life unless I decided to live in Ecuador after my mission then I would just have to visit Utah a lot during the winter :D

I totally forgot about the whole basketball thing that goes on during the winter. I hope that they are doing well in their games! I love basketball and am excited to play more when I get home. But I mean that and Ultimate. Haha but they can wait!

My feet are doing better and my knee is feeling good but I am in an ankle brace. But please DON'T WORRY. I just twisted my ankle a little in a hole while I was walking. But it is getting better quickly and I am up and working hard!! :D

So this past Saturday was just the best thing of my life. Jenifer was baptised. It was literally a miracle to witness. She is the first baptism here in Carcelen Alto for about 5 months and first convert that wasn't a child that was 9 in 9 months. Those are great and we really needed it for the sector and the work to keep moving forward here. Not only that but she has made covenants with her Father in Heaven and now has that wonderful blessing of the Holy Ghost with her for always is she stays worthy.

The baptism was just so filled with the Spirit and just the best ever. But it came with a lot of work. The font was absolutely disgusting while we prepared to fill it up. So the baptism that the Elders had 2 months ago someone forgot to unplug the font and the Elders saw it the day before and unplugged it but it was covered in this yellow slime that smelled like dead skunk in the middle of the road. So we had to clean that out in time to start filling it to have all we needed done, but then all the sudden the water started to come out RED. WHAT?!?! So we had to clean it out again but then finally it all worked out and we were able to get it filled and it was all worth it to hear her testimony about how she felt something that she didn't know she was missing and to see her smile was just the bestest and then Sunday was super special with her confirmation too!!

I just love the power of the Atonement. The people change through Christ. It is nothing to do with me or what I am doing here. But with Christ and the enabling power and his church and truth, they truly change. It is amazing how far people come but when they do they can change with him when they know it is true in just a couple weeks. I know that the Atonement is what carries me through everyday and after what we can do it is what continues to carry us through it all. Sometimes I imagine us like Elder Holland describe in his talk in the conference of last April. We are there and falling and we have just a hold of a slippery rock and we are doing all we can to try and pull ourselves up but we can't, our muscles are cramping and there is just nothing left in them and then we give our last effort and know if we don't do it now we can't do it and so we give what we have left and then those hands with marks of his sacrifice grab our wrists and pull us up and carry us to safety to then make sure that we are okay and knows that he is there. He doesn't leave us. He was always there. He just needed us to give our all and then he is able to give us his power to make it to his safety. I just love the Atonement and don't understand it perfectly for nothing. But i am learning and that is what i love.!!

Love you so much and hope you all have a wonderful week!! You are the bestest!!
love you
Hermana Hull

PS Here is an awesome talk from last conference about the atonement!
Strengthened by the Atonement of Jesus Christ
By Elder Dallin H. Oaks
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

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