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Monday, February 29, 2016

Everyone says at your year crazy things happen.....they aren't kiddin!!


Thanks so much for getting all that stuff for me. You are seriously the bestest ever!

Sounds like a great week that you have had. I am happy to hear that it is warming up and melting that snow. I just want it spring so we will be in the same temperature again. Haha because it is no fair that you get all the snow! haha ;D

I had no idea that Sky View went to 5A that is super legit and to take second is awesome. I was talking about basketball the other day while falling asleep. I just can't believe it has been two seasons since I played. Time just keeps flying bad!

I am happy all is going well with you at home and that you are all still happy and living strong in the Gospel.....

I guess it is about time in my letter to well get onto my week, huh....

Well first and foremost I have to say that my title to this email is sad as it very very true. Yes I did hit my year mark this past week but that is not any of what actually went on that was exciting.

Most the time I send the week was a pretty normal missionary week......but this week was nothing and I mean nothing of a normal missionary week.....Let me tell you.

First and foremost....I am not dying and neither is my companion. We were just very, very sick little missionaries for 2 days, that we could not even get out of bed. You might be wondering what did you catch but it was different for the both of us. She had some sort of cold and mine....after a process of exams....has been found to be a parasite.
So Tuesday night at about 1:30 am I could sleep at all because my stomach was hurting and then at about 3:30 I threw up.....sorry to say it but it wasn't my week. I didn't throw up again but I felt awful and I mean awful but now I feel better and am taking pills to kill the little thing that has caused me so much pain. I completed a year in the way.

But this is not all to the poor story of the week I completed a year.....on Saturday night. We were in the house going through the carpeta de area(area book) trying to call a few people to find some new investigators. We had finished and were headed out and I ran to the bathroom real quick and the next thing I know I found my companion with a huge bloody hueco(hole) in her finger in which she had put in a bowl of water. I had to use my first aid skills (thank goodness for girls camp) and took it out and wrapped it to try and stop the bleeding and treat her for shock because all she could say was....."I did something dumb and President is going to be so mad"..... I found out that while I was in the bathroom she was trying to fix a rack we have to dry clothes and a metal bar broke and took a huge chunk of her finger with it. It wouldn't stop bleeding and was huge gash so we got a hold of the nurse and headed to the hospital. Let me just say we were not home on home at 11pm....because we were at the hospital for 5 hours and my comp now has about 18 stitches in her finger and can't write because she is right handed and can't use it at all.

So as to say that statement is really true. I was going to do some nice poem-like email but I think the blood and nastiness fit this week :P

I just want to share that I know Christ is my Savior. I know faith is power. I was reading in Enos today and love that book with my whole heart. It is probably my favorite now. It is because of faith we can learn from it. I mean he had the faith enough to ask for his enemies that they would receive the gospel and be saved. He was promised that they would and what I have found is that is truly happening and I am apart of it. I am taking this gospel to the Lamanite people. They are the literal ancestors. How cool is that. I know through faith we can see miracles like Enos. I invite you to study that chapter this week and you will learn more too!!

Love you all!! A TON!!!!
Hermana Hull

PS Us in bed as sickies
PPS Found some Hermanas at lunch

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