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Monday, February 22, 2016

I understand more.....


I am so super excited to go to DISNEYLAND with the Band. That is super cool and such a neat experience that they have to be able to do that and enjoy that before the band...sniff...sniff... gets split into different schools. Do you know what they are going to do with that or will everything just be separate??

Sounds like you have had a wonderful week and that you are doing well. Does Jodi still work at Shopko?? Who else is not there?? If Jodi is still there could you get her email?? That is crazy. People change. Everything in my mind is still the same there. That is what you get when you have been away so long!!

Thanks for that about Jasmine. It helps a lot.. And now i am missing the wedding but it is okay. It is all the plan of Dios(God) and he is the one that knows what I need.....I also realized I am now going to be closer to being an that is an upside :D Haha

I am just so happy for you all and that you are all in so many different things. When i first started my mission I just wanted everything at home to pause now I see how wrong that would have not just because it is impossible but because that would stunt the growth that each of you has. It is super fun to be able just through email to see how much we have all grown up physically...well some...cough..cough...Jaden... to how each of us is growing everyday more spiritually. That is such a huge blessing to us and such a way that we can is only through God´s Plan for us and the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. I am super thankful for all the ways I have grown and continue to do so as i am being a missionary and representative of my Savior Jesus Christ!!

So this week was super awesome. It went by like a flash and I don't remember most of it but the highlight was definitely ELDER HOLLAND. He is such a powerful speaker and to be able to shake his hand and feel the peace that an Apostle of the Lord can bring was absolutely stunning. He spoke to us very directly and stated many times not to waste a single minute of our mission because really it is one of the most pivotal parts of our lives. Really it was such a blessing and also a powerful recuerdo(remembrance) of what I am doing here as a missionary. ¨¨The Salvation of a Human Soul is not an easy thing.¨¨Elder Holland. I know this is true. That is what we are trying to do every day as missionaries to bring people to the knowledge of the truth and it is hard but soo soo sooo worth it. Every door that is slammed in our face, every hard day, every sickness, to be a missionary is worth it. It is not easy but it is super worth it!!

I just can't believe how fast time flies and how blessed we are to be in this Gospel. Stay strong, Pray Hard, and study often and all will work out for our good!!
Love you tons!!
From the wet Hermana Hull.....freak storm outside.... :D

PS i would love some lavender and floss threaders in a package..and american candy is always good :D
PPS Could you send a homemade ice cream recipe to??


Ecuador Quito North Mission

Meeting Elder Holland

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