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Monday, April 18, 2016

Earthquake....what can i say!


I am good. I am safe and doing well. It is crazy that I was in a earthquake but that was just the end to a crazy week. So here I will tell you a bit more.

Well Hermana Cortez is now the MTC. I was with Hermana Hermann for the rest of the week because she is in a trio. But she is not my comp. We had changes and now I am with Heremana Contreras. She is from my group and is from California but grew up in Mexico. She is 21 and will be going home in October because she spoke Spanish.

The familia Bermudez is doing good. They are going to get married within the next 2 week and then get baptized the 7th of May and so that is super exciting. A miracle happened. Hermano Omar doesn't have to work Sundays anymore. That was a huge concern but now Heavenly Father has truly let me see this miracle and they are continuing to have more every single day.

Well now to the part you have all been waiting for....Earthquake......

So Saturday night at about 6pm I got to the church with Hermana Hermann to have our weekly meeting with the Lider Misional(Ward Mission Leader). Are whole district was there because we have correlation together every week. So we were going and then all the sudden the table started to move. For a moment we thought it was Elder Fillmore who was moving the table but then he stopped and it wasn't just the table moving but my chair and the ground. So we just left the room because our chapel is open and so we headed out. It was weird to walk. It almost felt like I was walking up and down little hills or like on a ride that they have the weird moving ground. We were a little bit freaked and so as missionaries we stood together and prayed. It was a bit unnerving to have something that is suppose to be stable under you move. It lasted for about 5 minutes and we were out in the open area. At the end that is when all the lights went out. Like all for probably 2 minutes and then part of them came back on. It was crazy but I felt the spirit cuz the little primary kids starting singing "I am a child of God. That was good. So over all it was just a bit nerve wracking but everything here in Ibarra is fine. No damage done here, which is a blessing. We were prepared and are just staying that way because they say that in these few weeks coming up there might be more.

What I have come to know though is that God does protect his missionaries. It is true. None of us were hurt even in the places where damage was done. The only major thing that happened is that some Elders in the coast couldn't get to there house that night because the stairs collapsed but they weren't even near there. I know it is because we are set apart. Not going to lie I was a bit shaken but then at night I laid down and just thought of all the prayers from everywhere especially my family and friends and how God listens to those prayers.
I love being a missionary and love life here. All is well where I am at, so don't worry.
Hermana Hull

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