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Monday, April 25, 2016

Sometimes this title thing is hard....


Your week sounds yet again a great time with so many things that are going on. I feel it may only get worse as the school year is getting nearer to the end but I don't know. I am not there! Jasmine did send me some pictures of her engagement. They are SUPER cute!! I am happy that things are getting put together and that is just great!!  Sister Campbell is the best! She is so kind and charitable. Really she is an example to us all!!

As for my card I have not got it yet. We only get pouch or the mail like every two weeks and sometimes longer because we are quite a ways away from Quito. But there should be one this week and so that will be good. I will let you know if I get it this week!!

For the call on Mother´s day we haven't been told anything yet but when I know I will let you know!!! I really can't believe it has been like almost 5 months since we talked on Christmas....time is flying and i really don't like it to much...... :p

Well to tell you a bit about Hermana Israelsen.....She is just one of my very bestest friends in the mission. She is great. I met her back in Ofelia when she was born...started her mission.  It was my change I had just got to Carcelen that she started. She is great. We were together for 3 changes there and then she left to come to Ibarra and then I followed after. We are in the same branch and district. So that is super cool. She is kind of like I believe his name is Elder Jacobson that Jordan met on his mission. Just a super solid missionary. She is just really one of my best friends. Her mom writes me too, like every week since I got to Ibarra. They are just really amazing people. She is from Alpine and is 19 :D

This week was another normal one.....except that I had to go to Quito again. My companion had to have a medical appointment and well she can't go alone.....I just can't seem to get enough of that place. I hope we don't have anything like that come up this week well because we have lots of work to do this week getting the familia Bermudez all ready to have there interview for there baptism. There papers all came through and so they can now get married!! WOOOHOOO!!!#hugemiracle They are so great. Just keep Santiago in your prayers. He is the 14 year old and is having some struggles and really at this time, if he doesn't change his mind he won't be getting baptised with his family. I really understand where he is coming from though. Since they are refugees they can't study or really do much. He is stuck inside all day in this new country and his parents are trying to get a third country....which means they would have to move again but the benefits are huge. He got taken away from his friends and doesn't have many here at all and sometimes he just feels like everything the church is his parents are just making him do it. So please keep him specifically in your prayers. He needs them....not just to get baptised but to know that this is where he will find peace. I love this family so much and they are taking the steps to truly come unto our Savior. The Hermana gave up her coffee this week...HUGE MIRACLE and they are doing everything possible to have this covenant with the Lord.
I had to give an impromtu talk yesterday....I didn't shake like I have ever since I had to start giving talks when I was a little beehive....improvement :D

I am so thankful for missionary work. This is the work of the Lord and I am just so thankful for the time I have to be here. You asked me to share a bit. Well I can honestly say that this is the best thing I have ever chosen to do in my life. It is hard....harder than having knee surgery or getting cut from the soccer team. There is rejection all the time. Everyday at least one door is slammed in my face but usually many, many more. But all that together makes it the best thing ever because I have grown closer to my Savior. I can honestly say that I know him on a personal level now. Not perfectly but a lot better than I use to. I have become better by every companion that I have had. I have not had perfect companions and I am not the perfect companion either but I know that God puts us together for a reason because of what we need to learn from each other. I have been so blessed by each one of them. I have also been blessed to find why I was sent here to Ecuador. I know that some of the people that have touched me have changed me more than any other person. I have learned the power of humility and how I have to work at it everyday to become more like the Savior. Really, all in all, I just am super blessed to be here. I have seen so many miracles but I think the biggest one is that I truly feel more converted to this Gospel and my Savior. I have been changed through giving my life to him and that is all I want to do with the days he allows me to be here. I love him and I know he Lives. I know that He is all powerful and all knowing and has given all so that we can live with him again.

I love you all so much!! You are the Best!!!
Hermana Hull

PS  I eat a lot of food......that is why i am eating in like 3 pics

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