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Monday, May 23, 2016

Well here I am week huh?


Well just sounds like a fantastic time you have been having this week with all this end of school year stuff. Just a party like none other.
Ultimate sounds like it was a little of a heart breaker, but you know that it's okay they will come back even more next year.

I have heard nothing about the change of clothing or anything. It sounds super weird. I mean what is the definition of mosquito time. Because here there are always tons of mosquitoes. But I mean it just kind of sounds like not a mission to me. But you know if they feel that it is okay I have no problem with it because if it is official, it is because they received the revelation and that is nothing to even argue against at all..

Well this week was pretty normal. I had my final interview with President Richardson this week because he goes home in July and our next interviews won't be until august and so that was kind of sad. It is hard to think I wont finish with them because really they have changed my life so much and helped me become an even better missionary. They are truly people I look up to a ton!!!

I just want to share a few thoughts of the week:

The best way to start out the day is on your knees. No replacement of it.

Keep your head held high in every situation. You feel better.

Be obedient! Not only does it bless you, but those around you.

Even if you feel like you can't do much, you can do more than you think.

God is a God of Miracles.

Sometimes we are molded by the situation and other times by the people in the situation.

Sometimes it is all about what you can give and how much you love. Really there is nothing else.

God just expects our best and He will be proud.

Be seen as a repenter and not a sinner.

Repentance is Joy.

The best way to becomes friends is to share food.

A good laugh can change a lot of problems.

Don't take yourself to seriously. It takes the fun out of the mission.

You aren't perfect. But are working to perfection.

Christ gave it all for the one.

Prayer is powerful.


Have a great week!! I love you tons!!!
Hermana Hull

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