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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Well.... I am out of subject lines!!


Well it sounds like a great and crazy week.....WHAT!! Crazy wind. You had more damage with that than with the earthquake I had here....haha Crazy what life brings right?!

Well this week we saw some awesome miracles. The familia Bermudez had to make 120 dollars to be able to get married. It was crazy but they pulled it off. I helped a bit with my personal money but they made about 90 dollars selling lunches. WOOT WOOT!! Santiago is still being a little tough. But he will come around. They passed their entrevistas(interviews) yesterday and are getting married tomorrow. I know that the power of the fast is real. I fasted last week on Thursday for them and now they are seeing miracles. They are such a great family and I love them sooooooooooo much. I know that this Gospel can change any heart and can heal any soul from anything. As long as we turn to Christ.

I received a blessing a while ago that told me to not worry about the little things and to trust the Lord in all things. I really have seen this as I do that....even with being soooo sick this past couple days with a cold that I can do all things. I am feeling better, but it is getting there. But as I worry less about myself and more about these wonderful people I can truly come to know even more about what the Lord wants me to be.

I know this is his work. I am so blessed to be apart of it and to be changed by his Charity. Charity is so powerful and I know that it is the center of this work. It is not only love but a love that changes you and carries you to action. I know it and love it. Keep praying for the familia Bermudez please. Just a few more miracles and they are set to be ready to be preparing to head to the temple in a year to make their familia eterna!!
LOVE YOU TONS!! Can't wait to talk to you Sunday!!
Hermana Hull

PS still haven't got my card but it is taking about 6 weeks to get letters now so i feel it should be here soon!!

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