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Monday, June 27, 2016


Hi mama!!

Well sounds like you just had a fantastic time on your trip and had lots of fun and good food. So that sounds like a win!! Did the group from Otavalo have there long braids and use ponchos??

Well this week was a bit of a bittersweet!!
We are seeing sooo many miracles here in our sector and are being super blessed but also we had our final meeting with President and Hermana Richardson. They literally have been such a big blessing to my life and really have helped me change and become a better missionary and person!! So the feels are real man!!

So first one of the sweets!! Hermana Sam Yorgason and I were able to have divisions together and so we spent 24 hours together as missionaries and loving the work. It was fun to see how we both have changed and grown while being missionaries but also to be able to talk about the blessing we received at home that helped us each make it to this point in our lives. Like good families, Young Womens leaders, friends, and just situations that we went through. That was a fun day. But crazy to think that two white girls from the same home ward in the middle of Ecuador speaking Spanish each other is just cool isn't it.

The next day was a bit of the bitter with the final meeting of President and Hermana Richardson. It was soo good and really we just felt the spirit so strong. It is just weird that something that has been so big in my mission is just changing so quickly. But I have been so blessed to know them and to learn from them. They really a huge examples to me!!!!

Another sweet was to be able to just work and see some big miracles. Like some new families and investigators and then having the chance to help with the branch activity and then having two rescues on Sunday. The lord really is blessing me.

Something that was a real bittersweet was something I learned yesterday. We were in a lesson with a new family that we had just found. We were teaching about the family and how that families can be forever!! Well the hermana just looked at us and said "I hope that is true." That is the first time in her life that she has heard that. That was the bitter for me. But the sweet is that we were able to bring that knowledge to her and invite her to pray to know for herself that it is true. I have always taken for granted that I have the knowledge of a forever family. It has been something that I have known since I knew the words to 'Families can be together Forever' when I was 4 years old. That is a hope that I carry everyday of my life and to know that some people have never heard that makes is so hard. I just want to scream it to the world. But really it is such a blessing because I am a carrier of that knowledge and love that the Lord has given to me in this sacred responsibility of being a missionary. I love this work and the fact that I am a carrier of "Good News" to all the people I visit and teach and come in contact with even if it just a little smile and a contact in the street. They can know that they have a loving Heavenly Father and that there family can be forever.
These things I know to be true and I love the faith and hope I have in them!!

Love you all a ton!! Have a great week!!!
Hermana Hull

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