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Monday, August 22, 2016

To be a disciple of Christ


Sounds like you are just having a super fun summer that is coming to an end quickly but means for a school year full of fun as well!! That is awesome. I love hearing about what y'all are up to. I did get the pics but I have to open them one by one but that didn't matter. I want to go to 'bring your own cup slurpee day'. It LOOKS super delicious!!!!!

As for my week it was about the same. Just the missionary life. I really love being a missionary. It is the best. I really love the scriptures and am super excited for this extra month because I know that it will be such a big blessing. Yaruqui is doing well and we are finding and teaching, teaching and finding. There are definitely stumbling blocks but we are getting there. I really am so thankful for all the challenges I face everyday!! I mean they are hard but help me to understand how much powerful the expiacion(atonement) is in my life and how I can trust in the Savior that much more!!!!

I found something this week that I wrote a while back while studying el Evangelio de Jesucrist. It is lesson 3. I wrote it and found it this week again and would like to share it with you.

To Become A Disciple of Christ:
Have faith in HIM
Repentance everyday through HIM
Baptism in HIS name
Receive HIS spirit to be with us
Endure with HIM to the end.
Truly we can't do anything without HIM!

I hope you can Find HIM in your daily lives so that you can feel even closer to him and enjoy his gospel even more!!

Love you and have a great week!!
Hna Hull

PS I am super excited for that topic!!!
PPS I am writing early because I get to go to the dinner with my group tonight :D Love you!

The flia Saltos invited me over on this past tuesday to celebrate my birthday late!!! :D

Our district.... I designed the zone shirt we are new talent..haha

Crazy Kid rides in Ecuador

This is what you get when the light goes out and hna hull has her camera and a birthday candle..... I was playing with fire for like 45 minutes....sorry dad...haha

The turtle i held....i got a little scared.....

Me and my comp

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