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Monday, August 1, 2016

We are winning!!


Sounds like another week that was full of fun and good things and good food.  I like hearing about what you are doing. It makes me happy and to hear about the garden as well. That is super great!

Well this week went by flying. I feel literally like I was just emailing with you and so that was good but wow how time is going I feel like I hardly sleep sometimes.

Training is going really well. I love it. It is harder this time. I feel that it is because well I just haven't ever had a new comp that speaks Spanish and so that factor just doesn't come in very easily. But I understand tons of what she is feeling from my training. I mean sometimes I feel like I just left my training. So I mean I get it. But then I do something and I am just so grateful that I don't have to learn to do that again because it was hard to learn lots of things that I do well now. She is doing really good.  She misses home but that is super normal. But is improving everyday. My theme of this training is just to make sure that we are exactly obedient and becoming all the Lord needs of us. And so sometimes I feel that we are improving even more because we are truly relying on the Spirit at all times.

 As for people.....we are in one of those times where we are working to find peeps. Sometimes it is really hard and the Lord tests us a lot but I know that through our faith and work that we are going to find the people that truly need this gospel and the blessing that comes with it!!

My favorite part of the week was yesterday night. We were visiting some less actives. They are the familia Chachalo. They are like 70 years old and were baptised like 15 years ago but have not come to church for like 12 years and we were able to find them through a member. We have been working with them for a couple weeks and we found out in about our third lesson that they have been also receiving the Jehovah Witnesses since before we found them. They were so utterly confused and we have been working tirelessly to help them feel the truth. They even asked us if they could continue being visited by them and as well a missionary, we just can't say "no you can't" but have to say it is  your own choice. But we feel we have been in little bit of a game. So last night the Hermana told us that she told them not to come again, that she was confused, and that she knows that what we share is true and that she literally said no to them. She was the most confused.          This truly demonstrates how much the difference is in the truth. They have been listening to them for years but we found them and just a few weeks later they are growing in the testimony.....and a good thought that well 'we won!'

My favorite thing that I ate this week was Sancocho. Tt is a type of soup that they put platano verde in....super delish!!

I know Christ lives and loves us. I know that this is the best place I could be and am learning tons every single day. I love it so much here!!

Quick funny story...the other day we didn't have lunch and so we went and ate some Shwarma.....the guy was from Dubai and talked to me a lot and at the end asked to have Arab tea with him.....this is the second man, who is not from here, that has asked me to have tea with him.........but I mean I have been proposed to soooooooo many times that it doesn't even faze me anymore. haha

Love you. Love the scriptures and love this work!!!
Have a great week
Hermana Hull

PS sorry there are no pics the comp doesn't have a way to send them

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