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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I do have a testimony of this gospel


Wow it sounds like you have had a pretty crazy week full of dad with surgeries and other fun stuff. I love to hear all about it because it makes me know you guys are still living life. I miss it a lot sometimes but it is good here too.

It has been a month can you believe it. I have been on my mission for a month now. We were talking last night at cena and were telling where we would have been a month ago doing the night before we left and about the next morning. Wow I cant believe it. It has felt like an eternity but as short  as a day. It is true when they say on the mission a day feels like a week and a week feels like a day. I still feel brand new here but I am four weeks in and I get a Latina companion tomorrow. All of my district is being split up and even all the Hermanas in my room are being put in different rooms. So I am in my same room with three Latinas. Hma Harris is in the same way and then the other two are in the big habitacion with 12 Latinas. Nothing but Spanish from here. I can't believe it. I really am super nervous because my Spanish is still really bad and if they talk straight to me really fast I still don't understand. But alas I will work through it. Also I am in a different district which should be fun. I was in Nefi and now will be in Mosiah. I am excited.

Well Mom I just have to let you know that I haven't missed a day of my probiotic or my vitamins and it has been a blessing. We had a crazy week full of sickness here. I got a little stomach problem, but it went away quickly and is normal, because of the food. But a lot of Hmas and Elders were sick throwing up and Hma Robison and Elder W both passed out. Hma Robison was suppose to leave to the field today but they are keeping her here still because of the way she is doing. She actually passed out twice and Hmas were everywhere screaming and running around freaking out. It was crazy then that same day a few others in my district were sick and not doing to well but they are better now. The really scary one was Elder W. He got sick and passed out and after he woke up he couldn't remember anything and still can't remember anything in the CCM. the last thing he remembers is being at home. Weird. So yeah crazy few days with that.

Mostly this week was a lot of study and food and rice and more rice. We have service every Wednesday and that is fun but not enough. The CCM is really small, like we compared it to many things with my favorite being a hamster cage. Not much to do. Except on Saturday we went out proselyting again. That was fun. We got to go out into the city for four hours this time. I talked a lot more and actually placed my first Book of Mormon on my own. It was really cool. I just felt hey they need it and pulled it out and told them about it and bore my testimony about it. It was really cool. Also a funny story... we talked to this old guy and he said he didn't want to listen because he didn't want to go to heaven cause heck is warmer. That gave us a chuckle and then another was when this guy was walking passed us and we said hi and he said he had no time....well I took out a pass along card and in my best English told him that is was for him but that is not all....I tried to do it in a Spanish accent. Haha yeah that was good and he took it though. But I think the coolest experience was when we were about halfway through. We decided to stop and pray cause we both were struggling a bit. Well right after I said the prayer we started walking and saw a lady and said hola. Well you will never guess she said, "hi how are you?" in English. She spoke English. It was such a tender mercy. We stopped and talked to her and could really bear our testimonies and feel the spirit. It was a boost that I needed, to know that I do know things just that it is hard to say them in Spanish right now but one day I will.

I do have a testimony of this gospel. I know that familias can be together forever and that Padre Celestial is our loving father. I know that Jesucristo created a perfect atonement and that through it we can all be forgiven of our sins. And also through the power of the Atonement we can overcome all our hardships and that is what I am relying on a lot lately. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet that truly saw God the father and Jesus Christ. I love this gospel and know that I can do this even though it is so hard but I can.

I love you!!!! Have a great week!!!

Hermana Maynez and Hull

Hermanas Maynez, Harris, Duff and Hull

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