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Friday, March 6, 2015

It has been crazy

MOM!! Hi, it has been crazy but now I have time to sit and write. Well the schedule for pday is.... I write today which is Friday then I get to write again on Tuesday. This is because the Latinos are here for two weeks so on Tuesday it will be only the nortes here. there are 12 of us that will be here that day all by ourselves. Then the next time I will get to write is the week from Friday so 10 days. It is weird so I get to write every week but it is on different days because the Latinos are only here for the two weeks rather than 6.

It sounds like everything back home is going good. I actually thought about Jaden's concert and hoped it went well. I sure do miss music. They took away our music players and cameras and snack food while here and we get it on pday but that is something I do miss. They take pictures of us in the mtc and i will get a cd of all the pictures at the end so don't worry about that, I will still have pictures. The MARCHING BAND show was announced!!!!! THAT WILL BE SO EPIC!!!!! actually right before I came to write me and another Hermana were talking about band and marching band and I just kind of was really happy about it cause I love it so much. The Voyage.... that sounds so epic!!! Jaden totally go for leadership!! you will be so good and others already look to you as a leader....DO IT!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!! I love you and am so glad that you are mine!!

I also hope that Mary Poppins is going well. It sounds like a great show!!!

Well there has been a lot that has happened over the passed week and a half so here goes to start. First when we got here it was kind of crazy. We got here really late and mostly just went to bed. Then the next day i got my companions. Yes there are two. I am in a trio with Hermana Duff and Hermana Harris. Hermana Duff is the one who got my passport and is from Idaho. Hma. Harris is from Canada but lived in California and goes to BYU. Actually everyone goes to BYU here that are from the states. They are fun but it is hard to have to keep track of 2 companions instead of one. We also all have very different personalities but we are learning from each other. That day was just full of paperwork and stuff. Then gym came....Gym hour is a blessing sent from heaven!! and hour of doing what I love....exercise!! I play a lot of volleyball because none of the other Hermanas like to play soccer or are willing to play, also basketball is hard cause the Elders don't think I can play but volleyball is super fun and I have kind of made a name for myself with being able to overhand serve and play. It is fun especially with the Latinos because they get so into it.

The next few days after we got here were just full of meetings and classed explaining the CCM and what goes on here but also start of learning more about the doctrine and Spanish. The first few classes were in English but now everything.... and I mean everything is in Spanish....todo dia cada dia. All the days long.  I understand a whole lot more than I ever knew before. I can almost understand all of class and what they are talking about but sometimes I am just lost. But overall I am overwhelmed by it all. One thing that is really exciting is that I can pray in Spanish, not perfectly but i can get what i want to say out even if it isn't everything I want to say but I like it. I pray all the time and it helps to be able to pray in my new language. Might I say that Sundays and Tuesdays are probably the best days of the week.... Sundays because I get to take the sacrament and we learn the doctrine of the gospel in.....English.....what a refreshing thing that is. And Tuesdays are the day I get to go to the Temple!! I get to go every week while I am in the CCM. This is because the day when the Latinos leave we get to go to the temple that day too!! It is definitely the best. While driving to the temple the other day we rode in the sketchy buses and it was absolutely the craziest thing i have seen in my life. There are cars everywhere and motorcycles weaving through everything and people on the streets chasing cars to sell drinks to them and no one stops ever and graffiti everywhere on everything and I loved it!! It was so crazy but so fun to see how different everything is here in Colombia. The Temple, oh my goodness, so beautiful!!! I truly know that the Temple is the house of our Heavenly Father. And it gave me strength to continue in the week.

I am definitely not going to say that this has been a walk in the park or that I haven't cried a lot about missing home or you guys or being able to understand what is being said. I have really struggled. I have struggled with the language. I am slow at speaking and learning the grammar. I have struggled with wanting to be at home with you. I have struggled just feeling happy. BUT I have learned so much and am going to keep going. I will study harder and will work harder and will cry if I need to but will look at that as motivation because when I went to the Temple on Tuesday I felt something. I have a family who supports me and loves me and would do anything for me. My family has the gospel and has made covenants that if we keep we can be together for eternity. And even though I miss you like to the moon and back a thousand million times..... If I feel that about my family others do too. But what they lack is to know that they can be together forever too through the Gospel of Jesus Christ who is our Savior and Redeemer and who is with me and you all the time. I have had a hard time but this thought is what has kept me going and the thought that i have you!! That I have a mom and a dad that were sealed in the Temple for time and all eternity. That i have a big sister and brother and a little brother that I would do anything for and I love with my whole heart. That I have extended family that support me in everything. That I have friends who I cherish and keep dear to my heart that believe in me. That is something that has kept me going and will keep me going as I struggle learning a new language and learning so much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and being able to share that with complete strangers.

I love you so much!!! I love love love love love love you!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you will go to the Temple because it will do wonders every time you go!!
Talk to you on Tuesday!!
Love with all my heart,
Jenika aka Hermana Hull

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