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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It is PDay!!

Well it is Tuesday and I get to write again. I am so thankful I have this time. It really is a time of joy. I get to read emails from you and know you are doing okay.

Well first to answer your questions. The food at the MTC is pretty interesting. Not in the type but in the combination of what they give us. There is rice, rice and more rice. Rice almost every meal. In the morning we usually have some sort of egg, bread, and fruit along with juice and my chocolate. It isn´t the same type of hot chocolate but it is still good stuff. Then for lunch it is rice with some sort of meat usually and soup with other combinations of fruit and salad. The salad is so fresh that Hma Harris found a caterpillar in her salad one day. Then for dinner is is sometimes like pizza or lasagna or something totally random with whatever they have like rice and french fries. Then they give us desert. There are these things call alfajores that are like a really good cookie thing. But i think probably my favorite thing we had for dinner was a fruit bowl with ice cream.....,mmmmhhmmm that was good.

Next, so far we packed really well. Like I don´t think I am missing anything major but I haven´t had time to really go through everything but what I need now I have :)

Favorite scripture: Alma 7:11-13 :)

Well over the past four days a lot have happened. Friday was pday and we got to hang out and chill for a while. I ran around the CCM. The campus is really small and you have to run like a million laps to get to a mile but I needed it. I also have to run with someone and that is hard so a lot of running a few then walking then stopping. That night after pday was over it was rough. I just am really missing home. So I talked with hma Maynez and Robison. It isn´t quite the same as talking to any of you cause I barely know them but it did help. Then I got a blessing from the Elders in my district. That was a really good thing that helped too.
On Saturday in the morning we went proselyting. What!?! Already. It was crazy. I was with Hma Maynez and did some talking to people but she did most of it because she knows more than I do. But we placed two books of Mormon and I did bear my testimony to some people even though it was baby :) It was hard and fun. Then we just had classes for the rest of the day with our teachers. We have gramtica and fundamentals and lessons and devotionals. It really is great. I also have a teacher name Hermano Herrera and he reminds me a lot of Mr. Hoggan. That is funny and kind of weird because he only speaks Spanish with very little English.
Sunday was crazy. Like three of the Hmas in our room were sick all day. Not Me!! So we had sacrament regular meetings. Then it was full of devotionals because this guy from the mission department was here. Then We had an amazing devotional from Elder Torres of the 70. It gave me a lot of peace. It was so good. It was about how at first we worry about our families and he gave us scriptures and talked about it and that gave me peace about you all. Then talked about living every minute of our mission. It was so good and I really needed it. We finished the night by watching Meet the Mormons. It was in English with Spanish subtitles. Happiness. It reminded me of when we went and saw it in the theater and at the end of the movie where they send the missionary off I cried because it was at Salt Lake where you dropped me off and in was just real all over again. But it is good. Good memories.
Monday was a normal day with classes and Spanish. During gym time I finally got brave enough to play soccer and it was so fun. I even scored! The Latinos are so good but I held my own. Also had some good laughs because I kept singing In Our Lovely Deseret. It is a great hymn and it actually is in the Spanish hymn book surprisingly. And Hace Calor the song from Spanish class is a hit. Then had a long night because the Latinos were leaving for there missions. Two hmas in my room left. Hma Tanner who is from Arizona. I got to know her a little so I woke up to say bye. Long night.
Today was fun. We got up and immediately went to the temple. Oh how I love the temple and the strength and peace it gives me. I love it so much. Then we had pday with just us nortes. We got to go on tour. Which is where they take us to a few places in Bogota. We went to this really old church which to get there you had to take a thing like at snowbird.....I can't remember what it is called. It was pretty great and I will send pics. Then we went to a gold museum which was cool too. Then back to the CCM for dinner and now writing.

Oh just so you know they changed the schedule of Pday. It will always be on Tuesday every week now. So plan on hearing from me then.

I know this gospel is true and that we are so blessed to have it. I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be forgiven of our sins. And through him we can do all things because he knows us perfectly. I know that Our Heavenly Father loves me and that he is carrying me day to day. The Book of Mormon is his word and that through it we may learn so much about what he wants us to know. I know these things and so many more and it is so good to be apart of this Gospel.

I love you so much and am so thankful I have you! Have a wonderful week. I love you.
Jenika (Hermana Hull)

Overlooking Bogota

Hermanas Hull, Harris and Duff

CCM Closet

Friend Lesli Blau at SLC Airport(also leaving for a mission)

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