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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh my heck!!!!!

You want to know my reaction well here it is!! OH MY FLIPPING GOODNESS I AM SO STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sam Yorgason is coming to my mission!!! We are in the same ward and our testimonies were strengthened by each other and now we get to use our testimonies to teach the people of Ecuador!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like this is such a tender mercy!!! Super tender mercy of happiness beyond comprehension in my brain right now!! I needed that. Wow this is so super flipping cool!!! Question. What MTC? I hope it is this one. Because even though it is hard I have some of the bestest teachers ever and it is fun to think that she could meet them because they are super stars!!

Man that is so cool. I got Jaden´s dear elder today and it made me cry. I love that kid so much and am so happy I have him as an example to me in my life. He said that in two years he could have his call!! That was crazy to me!! Wowzers!!!!

Sounds like you had a great week and I love hearing about it all. It really brings peace to me to hear that you are just living life and having a good time. I really can't believe it sometimes. It feels like you should just pause and when I get back it should be the same but I decided that would be no bueno. Or fun!! cause then I wouldn't get to hear about you adventures while you hear about mine.

Well this week in the CCM has been a hill to climb. We had a new set of Latins come in. They come in every two weeks and my last 2 weeks that I will be here I will have a Latina comp. But until then with nortes. It was a change to go from a very outgoing bunch to a not so very outgoing bunch. But after the week I feel like I am pretty good friends with them. It is fun though. The week was full of just classes upon classes upon teaching investigators (teacher) upon classes upon classes upon studying upon classes. Sometimes the only thing that gets me through is thinking that the next meal or gym is coming up in 43 minutes. Yeah got it down to the minutes. We also got some new nortes. 3 Elders. They are nice and kind of crazy but fun. We really have become close as a district this week and I feel like I have made some pretty good friends. Like Elder Wadley is such a goof but it is fun to talk to him and just to hear about things he did before. And not only him but the others in my district as well.

Oh also iI got a new comp. It is Hma. Maynez. I met her on the plane. She is great and it is fun not to be in a trio but still hard to be with someone 24/7. But I have learned a lot from her.

Today was crazy too!! We got to go to the temple this morning.....awesome!!! Love it!!! Then pday. We were suppose to write earlier but the internet was slow. So we just got to play and hang. I THREW MY DISC FINALLY!!!!!!! I found someone to catch for a few minutes and oh my goodness yes the stress was gone for that time. It felt so good!!!! Then went and played volleyball and soccer. We played all Hermanas vs Elders in soccer and guess what we won 4 to 2!! Oh yes but then one Hma we think broke her ankle so we stopped playing then played volleyball. and another Hma almost tore her mcl but with prayer and faith we just found out that it was just a really bad sprain instead of what they thought was a torn mcl. Then class and now writing!!!!

On Sunday we had a lot of talks of obedience. But one of the things that stood out to me was something Presidente said that wasn't even about that. It was about how his mission or Chile became a sacred place to him. How the people and the culture and the work he did became like his sacred grove. Well I started thinking. And I know that Dad and Jordan and Jasmine all feel the same way about there mission. And I am Pretty sure that You mom have one too!! That Ecuador will become one of my sacred places and one day in the future Jaden will have one. I also thought about Grandpa Danny's mission and Grandpa Kenneths and even  all my uncles and friends. But one that stood out in my mind was Grandpa Neeley's. I was just thinking that with all my loved ones we have created sacred places for ourselves all over the world!! That they not only are sacred to us personally but to our whole family. I know that those sacred places have blessed me in my life and I am not even sure how sometimes but I know they do and that they are real and Heavenly Father gives them to us to feel of his love. And also to have missionaries that I can look up to that have gone before me, are out there now, and those who will be going. Make themselves sacred places and I know that blessings will come upon you and everyone you love and care about.

I still can't believe that Sam is coming to my mission!!!! Oh I am so stoked.

It is still hard here but I am getting through. I know that if I keep working at it I will be okay. I love you so much and am so thankful you are mine!!! And for everyone that cares about me and is supporting me! I need it and love you so much for it!!!!  Have a fantastic week!! And write me all the days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you so much!!
Jenika (Hermana Hull)

sorry no pictures this week cause the computers have been struggling.

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