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Monday, May 18, 2015


HELLO MOM!!!!! I am so glad that you had a wonderful trip and had lots of fun and a lot of good food. Also I am so glad you made it to the temple in Baton Rouge. I love the temple so much and that is one thing I really miss. I miss going to the temple but it is okay I will go so much when I get home it will make up for the time I missed while on my mission but really there is nothing to make up because the mission is super fantastic and wonderful just like the temple. Just a lot different that is all.

I am glad you got my letters!! I want to send more soon and a package. I will hopefully get that next week but we had cambios this week and so today has been literally insane. But I will get to that in a minute. First other things of this week.

So this week was good. We worked hard and did a lot of good things. We have two investigators with baptismal dates that ATTENDED church yesterday. That is big because that means we are on track with there dates. They have to come 3 times before they can get baptized and so this is a big deal. The one is named Emerson and he is 17. He is super chill and awesome. His mom is less active but is almost a rescatada and that is super legit too!!! It is great. The other is named Marisol Fueres. She is 27 and has two little girls Veronica who is 5 and Zoe who is 2. They are so cute and sat by us is sacrament meeting. She is having a hard time with being a single mom. Her ¨husband¨ or boyfriend and her had lived together on a off for the past couple years and now are separated. She just wants to be a good mom and is awesome. She is keeping her commitments and is a really awesome lady. We found this week. Keep you updated on them!!!

Then this week I had Verificacion. So new missionaries have 3 months training and half way through we all go to Quito to show how much we learned and stuff. So jueves en la noche we left to Quito. We stayed at the house of the enfermera.  It was fun cause the other gringos in my group were there and we got to talk. But it wasn't all cause the ones in Quito stayed in there houses. Then they came the next day. So the next day I got to see Hermana Maynez from the CCM. It was so good to see her and talk to her because we are good friends. We talked a lot. We had meetings in the morning and studies. Then they took us new missionaries to a hill above Quito and tell us the story of the dedication for the work in Ecuador. It is so cool and this country is so prepared for the Gospel. I loved hearing the history and the power I have as a missionary to be able to be here and help the people of Ecuador receive the gospel. Man it was legit. Then back to the chapel to grab lunch and head back to good old Otavalo. Mmmmmhhhmmm I love Otavalo it is so much more peaceful than Quito and I am blessed to be born in the mission here.

Another major thing that happened this week were Cambios. They happened last night in the noche. So all day yesterday we were talking and excited. Most the time hijos stay with their trainers for the first 3 months of the mission for training. And everyone thought yea that would probably happen.  But I had a feeling something was going to happen. Some of the members did too. Hermana Salas had five months here and a lot of people thought she would leave and they were right. Hermana Salas is in Ibarra finishing the training of Hermana Dorta. I have a new comp, her name is Hermana Szerdi. She is from Southern California and is super chill. She goes home in August of this year so this is, I think her second to last change. She was in Quito in the same ward for 6 months. She is happy to be here and I am excited to work with her. It is hard though, I am in the same sector, Otavalo 2. They split it back to Otavalo 1 and 2. I am in 2. I am the one who knows the sector, the ward, and the investigators. It stinks because we had some other investigators in the other sector that I really loved. So right now I am kind of in charge and am stressed a bit because I feel as if I really know nothing. We planned and she doesn't know the area or the people. I need to be able to talk more because I know the plans of what is going on and I need to help the Elders with the opening of Otavalo 1 because that was my sector before. I feel a lot more responsibility now and don't feel near enough ready for this. Hermana Salas, before she left, was just throwing stuff at me to do that I haven't even heard of and I am just a bit overwhelmed right now. But what I have learned is that change is always happening. You are always changing because if you don't than you are moving backwards and not progressing in the gospel. You have to have change to grow. So I know for some reason Heavenly Father is giving me this responsibility to grow for some reason I do not know. It is hard because I don't speak perfectly and don't understand perfectly. I am definitely not a fantastic teacher. I am a person with faults and challenges but I have grown. I have changed. I want to be better and I know that I am just and instrument in the hands of the Lord. I don't need to be a perfect teacher or understand perfectly. I just need to make sure I have the spirit and follow the promptings because he is the real teacher. I love this gospel. I love the mission and the challenges. I say I love them because I love to grow not because I love hard times that hurt but I know they are needed so that is why I love them. I love my savior Jesus Christ and know for a fact that with Him I can do all things. I love the >Book of Mormon and love the strength I get from it.
I love you!!!!

I love you!!! Have a great week!!!!! Smile and share the gospel!!!!!!
Remember to Pray!!! Always because it is key!!
Verificacion in Quito, six weeks into mission

Hermana Hull with President and Hermana Richardson

Hermana Hull and Salas

Juggling as part of a training
Hermana Hull and Maynez

Hermana Hull and Salas

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