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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Well It Is Pday!!

May 11, 2015

Wow was it so wonderful to be able to talk to you yesterday. Before I called I was so scared........ sorry but I was.... I didn't know what to expect because well I didn't want to cry I wanted to be happy and love every second but I knew I was going to cry. And I did but it wasn't bad to cry. To be able to talk to you was the highlight of my week and just tell you about Ecuador and then to hear you talk about home!! Mmmmhmmm that was the bomb diggity!!!! I love you so much!!!

Well not much has happened between yesterday and today. After we called we went and with the Elders went to an investigators house and made pizza and brownies. BROWNIES!!!!! like from the US BROWNIES!!! I ate so many :/ but it was worth it. Then went home and slept wonderfully!! After I got up I cleaned and studied and me and my comp talked. Kind of inventory about things that we can do better. That was fun. It is hard to to those in Spanish but now I am able to share more which is nice. Then made some lunch. I made an awesome smoothie!! Then went to the Plaza de Ponchos and bought a few things but not everything. I wanted to send a package home for ya´ll so that will hopefully happen next week and I can get it sent even though it will be late for your birthdays but whatevs you can just celebrate in the middle of November when it comes ;) Then you can look for Christmas next May and then I will be home before your next birthday presents are there! ;) HAHAHA Man I am so funny :P Yeah and then came to write you and I don't really know what to write because I said so much yesterday. But I guess for those who didn't get the pleasure of talking to me I can write a story of last week.

So me and my comp had to go to Quito again. It was for a checkup for me and she had a cita too!! Well after we got everything the nurse told us how to get on a trolley to go to the bus terminal. Well we ended up at a bus terminal.... but it was the wrong bus terminal. That well is not in our mission. So we accidently left mission boundaries :/ #sketchybusiness but we made it back to Otavalo don't worry!!! :) #mylifeinecuador (this is my favorite hashtag right now. I use it in my journal a veces)


Happy birthday dad!!!!! I love you and know that your present will be to you in a while but it is coming!!!!!

Well that is about it for this week.

Luke 1:37. This scripture is short but powerful. I know that this is true that when we have faith in our Heavenly Father nothing, nothing in the world is impossible.

Have a great week!!! I love you so much and am so thankful for your support and the opportunity I have to love you and have you as my mom and family!!
You are the bomb diggity!!!!!

PS This is your mothers day breakfast from me!!
PPS This is me and Hermana Powley on exchanges. We made s'mores!!

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