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Monday, May 18, 2015

May 11, 2015
It was so wonderful to talk to you too!! I felt so content after. Just like nothing could go wrong :) It was a lot of fun. But next time there will be even more Spanish too!!! :D

Jaden told me you have your trip this week!! I hope it goes well and you have lots of fun and send me pictures!!

Dad you know how at times you say our most wonderfully boring (well not quite sure it is this word) life. About how we have had such a great life where there aren´t many things that go wrong because we are active in the Gospel. Well today I had the opportunity to see how blessed my life is because of that. We were talking with Elder Carr and Elder Canete and my comp asked about Elder Canete´s conversion story. It was super cool but it happened when he was 21 and he went through some things before joining the church. Then she asked Elder Carr. He was born in the church but as he said doesn't live in Utah and so he knows things of the world. He told that he was never inactive but he had friends that weren't members and he saw many things that were horrible and he had to deal with a lot. Then my comp shared her story. She was converted 8 years ago and before didn't make some of the best choices and even after joining went through somethings that were difficult to be active fully in the gospel. But they are all here on a mission which is so great because they are great friends. Well then as we were leaving Elder Canete was like he haven´t heard anything from Hermana Hull. My comp went onto say that she has been a member her whole life, her family is all members and she has always been active through her whole life. This got me thinking how wonderful that is!! Isn't it wonderful how boringly wonderful my life to them is. I have been so blessed to live in a strong active not only in the church but in the gospel family. I am surrounded by wonderful people in my ward that are wonderful examples to me that I love. At school I have friends that share the same standards as I do. That when we have parties there is no junk just a good group of kids having a good time watching a movie or playing night games. I have wonderful parents that are married in the temple that maintain there covenants with God. I have two older siblings that served missions honorably and a younger brother that will serve an honorable mission in years to come. I have many guy friends that are on missions at this very moment working hard on themselves and on helping others come to Christ. I have a best friend named Becca that is my sister in the Gospel that we have tons of fun but also are able to help each other grow in their testimonies. I have other great friends that are active in the Gospel too!! I have had problems but I have always been able to trust my Savior to overcome them. I haven´t had to go through the heartaches of others but I still have a testimony. It is truly wonderful to have boringly normal wonderful life isn't it. I wouldn't want it any other way. Heavenly Father has blessed me everyday of my life to have this lifestyle and I thank him everyday for it. I am so grateful for this and man it sure is great to have you!!! To help me grow my testimony and lead me on the path that leads to this lifestyle. I love you dad and thank you so much for living the Gospel and helping me live the gospel.

I love you and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful trip. I love you. Be safe. Love you
Your little girl Jenika

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