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Monday, June 8, 2015

I love you!!! and I love Ecuador

Hey Mom,

Wow what a week you had. That sounds like you had a fun birthday and I am so happy the message worked. I love you so much and am so glad that all those years ago my mom was brought into the world to then grow and bring me into the world. I love you so much and am so thankful for all the times you help me in my life which is everyday!!!

Yea we eat a lot of fried egg. Mostly white rice. Most the time I have no idea what the meat is. Tons of soup..... But I LOVE FRIED PLANTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love it and the members make it so good. It sounds like your meal was probably a bit more posh but other than that it is pretty much what I eat here and it is good food!!!

Tell Mikayla I am so excited for her!!!! I didn't know that she had the intention of serving a mission. Or I just don't remember. But that is so legit and she will love it. I will pray for her and I hope can get her email just to send little notes now and again because receiving a little email from another missionary is great!!!

I got the postcard this week!!! I also got letters from Kallen, and You mom (it was from Easter that you sent to Colombia) and grandma and Sister Knight ( she is my visiting teacher in the ward and I love her letters)

Well this week was great!! A little rough now and again but that is part of life as a missionary. Marisol is progressing great. She has fecha(date) for the 20 of Junio and is going to be baptized then. She is awesome and yesterday came to church for the 4th time in 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my I am so excited for her. I love her and her two little girls so much. Her little girls are so cute. The other day we passed by there house to go to a different cita and they saw us and were like Hermanitas Hermanitas. They invited us to go play at the park with them, but well, we can't. But what made my day and made it worth being on the mission was this, as they were walking away Veronica the 5 year old turned around and yelled Ciao Hermana Hull and then turned and kept walking and then Zoey the 2 year old did the same thing. They just yelled my name and then remembered my comp. I truly felt so special and important in this moment. I felt that this was the right thing and that these people here in Ecuador truly care for me. I love them so much. I love being a missionary even if it is really hard but you know what it is worth it.

Man, Otavalo is beautiful!!! I love it here. Really the people are so great too. The members of this ward are so great!! We had a noche de hogar(nightly meeting) with the obispado(Bishopric) and that was jueves (Thursday). We got there and they got there super late. But it was because they were waiting. But we started running around finding more people to come but like all showed up and all were great. We had a member come with us for like four hours one day and another Noche de hogar with another family and Marisol. They are so great!!!

We had intercambios(exchanges) this week so my comp left for a day and an Hermana Lider came. We went to our mamita and got there super late. She was so concerned. She was like (in Spanish but I am horrible at writing Spanish) I thought my daughters weren't coming and I was worried. I have a mama in the ward that loves me and was worried I wasn't going to be fed. It is even more special because she only has one son and can't have anymore. So I feel honored.

We have a lot of fun times and good talks. Hermana Szerdi is such a great missionary and teaches me everyday. She is funny though because she only has una cambio(transfer) left and has trunkie thoughts a lot. It is weird but fun like when she was asking me about high school reunions and spouses going to them. When I answered I think spouses go she was like so ¨¨I can take that person with me¨¨ Like she couldn't say husband but she knew that it would be coming a lot sooner.

I know that this is the true gospel. I know that I am a daughter of my Father in Heaven who loves me so much. I know it is through him and only him that I am able to be here speaking a different language and sharing his gospel. I love you all so much. Tell the Peterson´s specifically that I say hi.
I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Jenika

Sorry this email is kind of scattered a bit we had a lesson during our pday so i didn't get a chance to write the list of things to tell you like I usually do. Loves with all my heart!!

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