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Monday, June 22, 2015

Marisol got baptized!


Well first of all it sounds like summer is going good and that all is going well in your part of the world right now. I love hearing about everything. It makes me really happy and especially the Ultimate.

Well I am so glad you got your surprise!! So here is the story. Hermana Conder was an Hna in the mission. She went home last change. She lives in Utah. So one day we were talking and she was like you live in Utah do you want me to take anything to your family I mean it can't be huge but, you know. I was like heck yes!! She is also going to Utah State this fall. So I wrote you all and sealed the envelope.She took and said that she would get it to you before I got home...haha. So I guess she fulfilled her promise. After she left i don't know anything about that but it looks like you got that side of the story. Haha. I am so glad they came!!!!!! I hope you like the pictures too. If I remember dad got the one of me in the hospital....haha

I had your anniversary in my planner with the number 27.  I am so blessed to be your daughter and to have parents that love each other and work together to make things good. I love you so much and am so glad for the Temple. I miss it. But it is not as hard as I thought it would be. The temple is Amazing!!!!!

Sister Peterson....that is sad to hear but once again the Power of the Sealing cannot be taken away. She is one of the people I look up to and want to be like. I love her and know Dad will do a wonderful job.

I love Grandma!!

Well this week was one for the journal. It was a really good week with a really great things happening.

MARISOL got baptised. She is so solid. But it is a crazy story.

So we had a ward activity that night. Best one ever. Like Hyde Park 10th ward should do this. They had a night of international foods. So the different organizations were all in charge of bring enough food from a different country to share with the ward. It was awesome. I got to eat Indian food but that is beside the point.

We had been told by Marisol that she would be there at 5:30 or close too it. When it got to be around 7 we got worried. We went and both were super scared. Like "what is going on" worried sick. We went and knelt in prayer and prayed to our Father in Heaven and then went to work. We took a taxi to her house and she was just leaving in tears with her girls. The opposition worked hard on her through another person. So the girl that was taking care of her girls, we know her. Was stealing fabric. Marisol shared the house with others that are renting from her Dad and they have a blanket business. She was stealing pieces of the fabric to go sell on the side. They have cameras and caught her. They came to the house of Marisol and locked her and her girls in with this girl for hours right as she was about to leave to come to her baptism. As we got there they were letting her go. It was good to be there with her. She was comforted and I was glad she was okay. She said one thing that, I was like wow...she was like ´´Why did this have to happen on the most important day of my life´´ She is solid. We got back to the building and said a prayer of gratitude. She went to the activity and was happy. Then another problem, the pila(font) wasn't filling up. It usually takes 3 hours but it had been on for 4 and was only half way full. So you have never seen 2 elders and 2 hermanas running with garbage cans and buckets so much to fill up the font. But we got it full!!! haha. Then the baptism happened. What joy and peace and wonderful things happen at a baptism. The spirit was so strong and my joy was full. I got to share a scripture and truly felt the love of my Savior and the importance of this covenant. It was a wonderful, crazy experience but Marisol is now a member of this church. She got confirmed yesterday and it was very spiritual too.

It was amazing and I learned so much about the power of prayer this week. Really when you get down on your knees and you pray with true sincerity your prayer will be answered. Sometimes you have to get up and work a while before the blessing comes and sometimes it comes in that moment. But if it is what you need and you ask with real intent He will answer. I love prayer. There is so much power in it and through it many miracles have come already in my mission.

We also did service in compania this week for a member in our district leaders sector. Did I ever tell you how much I love hard work outside in the sun? Well if I didn't, I love hard work out in the sun even if sometimes I murmured a little during the summer.

I love you all and know this is the gospel of our Savior. He is always there and is always willing to help if we just reach to him a little more.

I love you and hope you have a fantastic week!!!
Hermana Hull

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