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Monday, June 15, 2015

WOWZERS!!! What a Fantastic Week!

Well once again I am here writing. This week went really fast, like really fast. I felt like I was just here writing but nope it has been a week and a lot has happened.

Sam is going to the Colombia CCM!! OH MY GOODNESS!! She will meet Hermana DuVall and President. She will get to have Hermano Gomez, Hermano Herrera and Hermana Gomez!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! That is so legit. It is wonderful. It is tiny but it is wonderful and you get to know people really well. Oh my I am excited for her.

And I FORGOT Abby is going too!!! Could you get me her email I want to write her. That is just so exciting for both of them and I actually was wondering when Julia and Tanner was coming home. That went so fast. Time flies or so it seems. That is great!!!!!

Wow Darin Jr is a dad. His girls are cute.

Jaden has a job.

Lots of Ultimate!!

Sounds like a fantastic week!!! One question on movies.... Have you seen Avengers 2? I love Iron Man you know me and want to know if you liked it?

Well first off for the week here in good old Ecuador. MARISOL PASSED HER ENTREVISTA!!! Her baptism is this Friday at 7 after a big actividad de Barrio. So like all the members will be there and it will be so great. She also for the last two weeks has just come to church by herself. She is so great and I know that she wants this. She is so great with her girls too. It is so special. She wants her girls to go on missions. That means so much because she isn't even a member first but then she sees us as the missionaries and wants her girls to be like us. She sees the good that the mission does and that is super special because she wants her girls to be like me. Me. Hermana Hull. The white girl from Utah that doesn't speak very good Spanish. But she wants them to be like me. Wow what an honor.
Also her girls are oh my goodness the most adorable little snippets you ever did see. I have pictures of them with us while Marisol was having her entrevista. I will send them.

Also this week we were able to rescue Maria Estela Otavalo. She is so great and the last lesson was principles of lesson 5. The promise where he will bring what you need to say in the very hour you need. Well that totally happened, that was the coolest lesson I have had so far in my mission. The spirit was talking I wasn't. It flowed and all the words I needed, I had, and I just keep going with it and testifying. It is soooooooo coool!!! I love being a missionary. It is hard but it is so good!!!

Man funny story. So I was walking last Monday after writing and all the sudden a chicken about landed on my head. It had hopped off a two story building and almost got me. But to no avail this evil pollo could not withstand the power of the Hermana.... haha ;P But really I almost got hit in the head by a chicken.

We have some really good times here. Like today we went and just say the lago de san pablo as a district. Also Hermana Szerdi is super fun. She says trunkie stuff sometimes..... but it is funny most the time because it is her irrational fears. Also we have a quote wall in our house. One quote I find quite amusing is Hna Szerdi ¨¨Quito is more sketch.¨¨ Yo ¨¨You just feel safer because you are with me!¨¨ Ya good times and funny quotes. We also eat a lot of food. She taught me how to make empanadas and carrot cake on the stove top because we don't have an oven. Yeah we eat a lot. Like a lot. I am working on eating less. The food is just so good and the members give us so much food.

This week I really learned about the need to keep the commandments and really truly keep ourselves ready for everything by studying the scriptures and praying. We had a lesson with a menos activo. She said somethings that really bothered me. Like "I put the things of the world above the gospel but it is only for a day". And a few other things like that. She is really struggling with her testimony right now and it is because she does that. Wow. I really learned the power of the commandments. I have learned and seen through the people here and in my own life that keeping the commandments is the only way that brings happiness and joy to our lives and peace in living in this crazy world. I don't think that it is coincidence that in predicad mi evangelio(Preach my Gospel) that the first pricipio(principle) in leccion 4 is obedience. Truly we were sent here to be tested in our obedience. It says that in Abraham 5 I believe. I don't have time to look it up right now. But really our test in this life is to see if we will be obedient to the commandments and make those covenants with our heavenly father. And keeping those covenants is through obedience. Me and my comp have talked multiple times that if people in the world would just keep the word of wisdom, law of chastity, and Sabbath day than the world would be in a better place but that is where the greatest gift we have of agency comes in. It says in PME that in enduring to the end it is a personal responsibility. that is our agency to choose whether or not we keep the commandments of god. And I know and can promise that this by choosing to guardar the mandamientos de Dios(Keep the Commandments of God) is the only way to peace and happiness in this life. He wants to bless us. He wants us to return to live with him but it is only through our OBEDIENCE to his commandments that he can. He promises those blessing to us. There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven.....D&C something but it is all based on our obedience. I know this to be true. I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much that he wants us to be happy and I know and see it in my own life as I keep the commandments and obey the rules of the mission that is when our faith and testimonies grow more in Christ and we truly see miracles.

I love you soo much!! I hope you have a great week and I want you to know that my love for you grows stronger every single day!!
Con todo la amor de mi alma
Hermana Hull

PS could you send me some stories our my ancestors or just have Grandmas and Grandpas tell stories of my great grandparents. I want to know them better.

PPS Could you send me some easy recipes too?

PPPS You thought I forgot but no I didn't..... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD THIS WEEK ON THE 18TH!!!! 27 YEARS!! I am so thankful for you and all you have done for me and that you were especially sealed in the temple so we can be a family for time and all eternity. I teach people about that all the time and it gives me such comfort and peace to know that my family can be together forever and it is through the correct choices of my awesome parents. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

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