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Monday, June 1, 2015

STATE CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!


Wow what a week it sounds like you have had!!!! It sounds like a lot of fun and that you did so much. It is always like that at the end of the school year. It is a fun time of the year. And now summer begins and you have so many adventures without school!!

STATE CHAMPIONS!!! WHAT!!!?!?!?!?!?!? I AM SO FLIPPIN HAPPY!!!! I read your and Becca's and Jaden´s emails and I got chills from imagining that game. Oh it sounds like it was SWEET!! Some really hot plays and some awesome teamwork!! And it sounds like Jaden got some awesome privileges!! OH WOW THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!

Happy Birthday MarleeAnn and Kenden!! I love you and am so happy you are my cousins. You guys are 9. Wow you guys have grown up a lot. I love that you love Harry Potter almost as much as me. And it sounds like you got some sweet new books for your birthday. Enjoy them they are good books!! Love you!!

Wow it just sounds like you had a fantastic week. Spent a lot of time with my grandparents. I miss them. I love them so much. I am so blessed to have my grandmas and grandpas and the times I have had with them and plan on having with them in the future. They are great examples of what it is to have a testimony and to live the gospel with firm faith. They are my heroes and I love them so much!!!

You asked a few questions so imma answer those first.
Yes I have a microwave.
I might need a few more full nylons. On Guard and Lemon would be good too. I use them everyday. Other than that just a Twix!! I am just finishing the candy from my last package because it is just so much better than the candy here. I mean there is good candy here but it isn't like the good old american candy. #murica
I will answer the rest as I talk about my week.

Wow what a week. We had a lot of good happen and a lot of blessings come.  First oh my imma excited about this. Marisol Fuerez she had fecha (date)for the 6 of June. Well she was feeling a little pressured cause we only met her like 3 weeks ago. Well she decided she wanted to get baptized in July but we talked with her and had a member come with us and bear testimony and really helped her. She is going to get baptized on the 20 of June at 10 in the morning. She wants the bishop to baptize her. Oh man she is great and this I feel will be perfect time for her. Also she has come to church the last 3 weeks in a row and wants to be there so she has all her asistencias(attendance) she needs and now we just got to keep her coming and finish the lecciones.
We also found a lot more menos activos(less actives) this week, Which is super good. We are sure we can rescue probably 4 this month!!!!

Some funny stories of the week:
So we were at the church on Wednesday for coordinacion misional and that is the night they have entrevistas(interviews). So there was this little girl that came up and was talking to us. Remember we are both white. She asked Hna Szerdi...´´are you mestizo or indiginous?´´ then went on to tell us a story of how someone once was mestizo but changed to become an indiginous.... we weren't sure how to respond because all we could do was laugh. #gringos
Yesterday we were making up studies and we were talking about our menos activo that lied to us about going to Columbia. We knew he was lying because his wife came to church and we asked how the trip went. She said they didn't go. Hna Szerdi was super, I don't really know how explain it but this is what she said ´´They think they can lie to us because we are two little white girls. Well they are wrong. We will show them a thing or two.´´ It was pretty funny because it is true some people just lie to us about things because they think we don't understand.
I saw a horse in the middle of the park eating the grass. It had no owner and no rope and people don't even care that it was there. Also they sell chickens. Like they are dead and plucked but the still have the head and feet on them and when you ask for a part of one they just take it right in front of you and cut it up and then just throw the rest of it back into the glass case that definitely isn't refrigerated. Also I saw a bunch of live chickens probably like 12 just sitting outside a store under a crate being prepared to get..... well you know. Also all the animals are just on ropes and no one cares. Horses, cows, pigs, sheep. No fences just ropes. I saw a parrot the other day. We were up arriba and I saw it it was legit.
Also we think there was an earthquake one night. We both woke up and the house was shaking... it was either and earthquake or whoever was in the Plaza de Ponchos at 1:30 am was having a heck of a party. We don't have any way to find out if there actually was so we are just assuming there was.
Oh more on Hna Szerdi. She is 21 and from S.California. She has 1 more cambio after this one and so she is almost done with her mission. That is weird for me because I am just starting and she is close to finishing so we have conversations a lot about home and things after the mission because she has that on her mind a lot. Kind of hard for me though. She has 6 other siblings and her brother just younger than her got his mission call to Hungary and leaves 5 days before she gets home. She goes to Stanford for school and had one year done before she came on the mission. It is super cool that she is here. She has been through a lot and had a lot of hard trials in her life. She was less active all through high school and didn't really want anything to do with the church. She then went to college and was in a dorm with another member who would play Hymns on the piano. She felt the spirit and wanted to and felt she need to go back to church. She had the missionaries come every Friday night during her year of college. She really felt she needed to serve a mission and so she did. Yeah it was super cool to hear that. She is fun and we have a good time and work hard together.

So something that just made me feel really good. We were waiting for Marisol at church and waiting and waiting. She finally came. When we saw her in the door her two girls Veronica (4) and Zoe (2) came running to us and Zoe pretty much jumped up into my arms to give me a hug yelling ´´hermanas hermanas´´ Then veronica too. That made my day and really reminded me of why I am here.

3 Nephi 12:14-16--This is the Savior speaking and teaching. I read this and it helped me. I have a light. I have talents that I need to share. In this time and in this place I am the only one with these talents and abilities. I am here for a reason even if I don't know for who or why yet. But I was called to this mission for a reason and I need to share my talents and my light in the best way that I can so others may see the Light of Christ and want to come to him. I love this Gospel. I love my Savior and Redeemer. I truly know that the Atonement when we use it everyday in our lives that it can change us. That we can receive healing for our broken hearts and that the Savior is ALWAYS there to pick us up dust us off and carry us for a while he heals us. He is the way and the light and I love him. He is the reason I can be here. He is the reason I can make it through the hard times of missing home. He is the reason I can share this gospel in another language. He is the reason I am here. I want to give as much of myself to him because of what he has done for me. I love him!!!!!

I love you so much!!! I hope you have a great week. I think of you often and always pray for you!!! I love you so much!!!
con mucho amor

PS you thought I forgot didn't're wrong....


Blue Gatorade

Ecuador Jersey

Hermana Hull and Szerdi enjoying Ice Cream

Hermana Hull made Popcorn

Sunday Dinner(I think they need a can opener)

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