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Monday, August 10, 2015

4th who would have thought!


It doesn't feel much different to be 20. But you know in time.

First to answer your questions because I know there are a lot and my weeks have been a bit crazy.

My new house is a house. I am still cold but it is getting better. It is all cement floors. It is kind of like living in garage I took pics to send to you. We are looking for a new one because during another cambio someone got in during the night. But don't worry they put a new door in so it is a lot safer but still president said look for a new one.

I feel better. I am doing better. Still have phlegm but you know that takes a while to clear up. I have no idea what I took for it because I went to a doctor and he just gave me this prescription in Spanish and I took to a farmacia(pharmacy) and got it and took it. I am really working to keep my knee good too so don't worry about that. Can you believe it has been a year since my surgery. I have grown so much in this time and that was one of the reasons

Yes I have money don't worry i haven't needed to starve in the mission quite yet.
Oh and I took more money out of my account. To send you guys a package so look for it in 3 weeks to 3 months....haha

The night sky in Carabuela is one of my favorite parts of this sector. We have one part of the sector we have to walk through without lights and the stars are so bright. I love it sooooo much. I dont get time just to sit and stare at the sky though that is a bummer. But it is beautiful. Like more than you can imagine. Also I have seen the big dipper and don't know what the southern cross looks like but I bet I have seen it.

No mail or packages yet but ya mismo-. I hope this week

Yes I know Luis Maigua. He lives in Carabuela and his daughter added you yesterday. Because she is gonna post pictures. You can find more of the members through him.

Well this week was a week. It was good and bad but you know that is how it goes. My birthday was yesterday as you know and it was soo good but soo different than any other birthday I had ever had. First out of the blue got asked to speak in sacrament meeting because our obispo(bishop) forgot to assign talks and then we got to give the lesson in relief society but I didn't know why. Well the reason that it happened was because the consejo de nuestro barrio and the presidencia de la relief soceity(Relief Soeciety President) was getting ready to surprise me with a little party. They made a banner and had cake and surprised me and shared words about how they are grateful I am in there ward. It was super great and I felt so loved. It really was a special birthday that I will never forget ever in my whole life.

Well cambios were on my birthday and I am still in Carabuela but have a new comp. Her name is Hermana Relmuan she is from Argentina too and is 21. She talks so much faster and has a different accent that is harder to understand so I will be learning a lot more Spanish now which is good. I am super excited for this change because Hna Quiros was really hard for me. She didn't have many desires to work and so we lacked in that cambio but Hna Remulan is ready to work hard and I am so excited. Hermana Szerdi finished her mission this week too which is insane. She will be missed by me. Look her up on facebook and be her friend.

I love this gospel sooooo much and am so thankful for the Lord and how he knows what is best for me in my life. He is the one who I can lean on in anything. I am scared to be 20, not going to lie. I get scared for changes and I get scared to have to lead in the sector. But as I pray and I put my trust in him. He is the one who truly leads me and guides me and walks beside me. I dont know how I would ever make it in this world without this gospel. I am so blessed. And have a family who is the best ever.

I love you soooooo much and thank you for your testimony everyweek mommy. I love you so much and got to talk about you in the lesson for relief soceity. It was about the sacred role of mothers. I told them in Spanish that you are my best friend and that you are the reason I am here. That I receive your testimony every single week and it is what helped me to have mine. I love you sooooo much and hope you have a great week.

I pray for you often and love to hear about your week and all that you do.

Love you with all my whole heart that I can possibly muster

PS Your 4 minutes is a great talk
PPS There is a talk by noelle pikus pace could you send it to me
PPPS I still havent got a response from grace
PPPPS Could you send me a recipe for scones
PPPPPPS. Computers are dumb
PPPPPPPS I love you have a wonderful week

Imbabura Zone

Cooking Fried Rice

Service Day

Hermana Quiros and Hull, Bishop and Hermana Claudi

Waiting for Transfers

New Companion--Hermana Relmuan

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