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Monday, August 17, 2015

Hola.....Wow what a week it has been.

No mail yet but yes I did get some of Kallen´s card. I think two or three. Pouch hasn't come in a while so I am expecting a pile soon.

WOW what a power house of a Presidency for young womens. They will be so wonderful!!

I think I might get to see Sam this week or hope to because Elder Godoy of the seventy's is coming to visit our mission and we are thinking that he will be just in Quito and we will go to Quito for the reuniones so that will be fun. at least I hope soooo!!

Wow what a week it has been for me this week. New comp has been the hardest one yet. But we have fasted for a good companionship and it will be turn out good. I have faith in that. I just need to work on myself and then I will be able to more for the companionship. You are constantly shown your challenges in the mission and sometimes you just have to take a step back and realize how blessed you are and how powerful your Heavenly Father is. I had to do that this week.

Well the work in Karabuela is going well. We did a lot of finding this week and found a lot of awesome investigators. We found Tania. She lives in the house of the the Familia Moreta my most favoritest members ever. They are seriously like family. Her mom works with them and she was listening to the lessons and wants to be baptized. The only problem is that earlier with other missionaries her dad wouldnt give her permission to be baptized. But we really feel she will be able to recieve permission this time. We are praying like crazy and are going to fast with her tomorrow. She is going to be a wonderful member. We also one day found 7 new investigators because we found two families. We hope they will progress well just haven't had time to really work with them yet.

Karabuela is like home now. The house no but the people yes. I was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday in the middle of all the indigenous people. During the sacrament song I just stopped and listened to them praise our Savior Jesus Christ through the song 'I stand all amazed'. The power in that room was amazing. I am so blessed to be working with the literal descendants of the Lamanites. They have a special spirit about them that I can't even described. They are wonderful and I love them with my whole entire heart and soul.

I just want to share that I know that I this is the True and Everlasting Gospel of Jesus the Christ. I know it is a choice every single day to believe and as we choose to believe every single day we are endowed with power to be instruments in the hands of the creator of this World who loves each and every single one of us more than we could ever in our wildest dreams imagine. I love the opportunity i have every day to believe and to know of my Savior Jesus Christ. He is my Lord. My Savior. My Redeemer and my Friend. I put all my trust in him because he is all powerful and will never lead me astray.

I love the mission. I love Ecuador. I love Otavalo. I love Karabuela. I love my life!

Love you soooo much and I hope you have a most wonderful week! I pray for you every single day!!!
Love with all the power of my whole soul


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Happy Hermana

Familia Moreta

Selfie with Hermana Moreta

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