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Monday, August 24, 2015

Time.....I don't know where it has gone.


Sounds like you had a very busy fun week. I love hearing about your weeks and all the things that you do. I can't believe that summer is over and that school has begun. Wow time has flown.

It has flown by soo fast. I mean I hit 6 months in the mission. Someone from my group told me that this day next year they would be in their home. That kind of put me into shock. I don't want to think about that yet. But you know I only have a year left so it is time to just keep going. That is insane.

I GET TO SEE HERMANA YORGASON THIS WEEK!! We get to go to Quito this week for a special meeting with Elder Soares of the 70. I get to see her because it is all of Otavalo, Ibarra and Quito!! WOOHOO! PICS FOR SURE!!

Well this week was good. Lots of things happened. One that you won't believe but is true is that I didn't have much time with my camera this week. No it didn't get stolen. But it has been to Guayaquil. I let the Flia Moreta take with them on their temple trip because they don't have a camera. Yeah so my camera has been to the southern part of Ecuador without me that is strange huh?!

The wind here is insane, is the best and easiest way to put it. Close your eyes and imagine walking down a dirt road. Now add wind. Little rock pebbles. Your hair in your face and then the little rock pebbles being blown by insane wind hitting your skin and stinging it until it hurts. Yeah the wind is crazy here but the wind season is almost over.....then comes......the rain!! One extreme to the next. #mylifeinecuador

I would like to share a story of a miracle that happened this week. We have an investigator. She is eternal. Her name is Tania and is 14. The reason she is eternal is that her dad lives in Italy and won't give her permission to be baptized. We found this out because she lives with the Flia Moreta. And her mom lives there too. Well we felt to find her in the Antiguo investigadores and started teaching her again. She knows it is true. She comes every week to church and even pays her tithing. Yeah she is golden. So this week we taught her about fasting. We offered to fast with her because she has never fasted before about permission. Well we fasted with her and then didn't see her again until Saturday. First part of the miracle. She was waiting for us in her house and didn't leave with her mom like she normally does. Second part she finished her fast and felt really good about it. Third we were talking and decided to talk to the assistants about the situation. Well I called and we talked and this is where Heavenly Father answered our fast. She doesn't need permission from her dad if she lives with her mom and her dad lives in a different country. Her mom gave her permission a long time ago. Yes we received a miracle. She has a fecha(date) for the 5th of September now and she will be such a strong member.

I know that miracles happen in the mission but not only here but in our lives. It all depends if we truly have faith that our Father in Heaven knows best and we put our trust in him. I know that this is the true and everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and through him we can be made clean and receive all the father hath.
I love being a missionary. It is wonderfully hard. But so great.
My comp and I are having struggles still but in time it will get better. It has gotten better. I just need to keep changing through the Atonement and then all will get better. I can't change who she is but I can change myself for the better to be more of a friend and help to her. It all starts with ourselves and then we can help change others.

I love you!! Have a great week!!!!
Love you tons

PS Hna Moreta says hi!!

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