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Monday, August 31, 2015

Wowzers....What a Week!!!


Wow sounds like you had a wonderful busy week, full of lots of different things. School has begun, rodeos have been attended and now it goes into the life of school time. I can't believe summer is over and everyone is starting school. Can I just say that I do miss school a bit. It was fun to go and learn everyday. But what I am learning here is so much more important. It isn't about biology or the stars but about my Heavenly Father and his plan for me and how I can be better every single day.

You asked me about what are some of my favorites of Ecuador. Well first of the bread they have here. I love the bread and eat so much of it. You can get a pansito and a banana for 15 cents. I love that. I love that I get to eats potatoes and a huge pile of white rice every single day. That is the food here a lot of the time, and it is something I am so grateful for. I love the hard work people have to do to live. They work together in their families and work so hard. I love the tranquil lifestyle and their love for one another and just how chill the indigenous people are. I love the traditional attire. The anaco is good enough to go to church but they use it to do the dirty work too. I love the long black hair in braids. I don't think I am use to seeing men with short hair any more. I love the night sky with all the billions of stars. I love the milk in a bag and the aguitas. I love the rock roads that make it hard to walk and the fields of corn and the dirt in my face. I love all the time the amount of dogs, cows and pigs in my path. I love the people and there humility and how service oriented they are. I love the stories of there ancestors and the way that they live their lives. Pretty much to put it in a nutshell I love everything about Ecuador. It is my country. I love it with all my heart. It is so different from anything I had before. But it is a major part of me now. I was writing in my journal the other night and thinking how different my life would be without my mission. I would be starting school and just hanging out with my friends and probably still working at Shopko. But I would have never met Marisol with her two girls Veronica and Zoe or the Hermana Miriam and Melvin. I would have never learned how much I love the Familia Moreta and how wonderful Tania is. I would have never met Roberto and Lola or Joel. I would have never learned about the Laguna de Cuicocha(lake) with out Javier and Rocio Lema Campo or how important a Sister can be without Javier Tituana. I would have never met a lot of these people that I love with my whole heart and want to do everything I possibly can for them and with them. They are family and I want to give my best to them every single day. I am just going to say I am so eternally grateful for my mission but that doesn't do it justice.

Tania is getting baptised this Saturday. She is so ready and passed her entrevista(interview). She is great and I love her. Pray for her to make it to Saturday. She needs all the prayers she can receive to help her to not fall into temptation this week!!!

I saw Hermana Yorgason!! What a blessing that was. It was truly a tender mercy for both of us. She gave me the letters from each and every one of you. That was a special treat. She is doing good, it is hard in the first change but in time she will be such a great missionary filled with power.

Well that is my letter for this week. I love you soooooo much. Have a wonderful week.
Love you with all my whole heart
Hermana Hull

PS The package could you send a slip mine ripped and it is still usable but hard to sew up. Love you

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