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Monday, September 14, 2015

Letter to Dad

Oh Daddy. I love your letters so much. I had a tangible experience this week as you would put it. A tennis ball experience. :D
We had our baptism with Tania. She was so happy. You could see the difference in her eyes. She has been waiting so long for this. So long. And it finally came through a miracle of the fast. We were there surrounded by ward members that I love with all my heart and soul and feeling the spirit so strong. The familia Moreta has offered me to come and live with them after my mission. I might just do it ;) But really Tania was so happy and radiating with the spirit of our Heavenly Father. Then after we went to another investigators house that we have been working with. His wife let us in and this is where the tangible part comes in. He was so sad and so drunk. He had got drunk because of the things people said about his wife and was mad and sad and crying and could barely walk straight. In this moment I was sad too but I also felt the most profound love for this the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I literally in a matter of minutes saw the black and white of this life. The good and the bad. The covenants of God and the breaking of the commandments. You can't deny that this gospel is so powerful and so true when you see something like this. It is incredible how simple the gospel is but the biggest effects it can have on a life. I also in this moment felt a very profound love for our investigator. I have never in my life before seen someone drunk before my mission. It is sad. But at this moment I felt the love our our Heavenly Father and how he is yearning for Roberto to change his life. I want to help him and we are continuing to work with him. He will be a great leader in this ward. He has so much potential we just have to help him see that for himself.
I am so grateful for the Gospel dad. I am so grateful also for the love of you and mom. I have seen broken families and I know I have been so blessed. I love my family and the power we have because we live the Gospel together. I love you Dad

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