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Monday, September 21, 2015

Jahuapamba is my home....


Wowzers what a week I can't believe homecoming week has come and gone and you guys are working and doing lots of fun things.

I am so glad that the package made it and I did pay quite a bit but got a lot into it so that is good.

Becca....what to say, I don't have words. I am totally okay with it just am sad I won't be able to be there. She is my best friend but all will be well and I am super happy for her.

Well  changes happened. And my home in Jahuapamba and Carabuela wont be seen for a while. I am now in Quito. The big city. It is call Carcelen, the place that I am in and am with Hermana Pingree from Utah. She is 19 and just got done with her training so I am the senior comp. That is a change but we will work hard and do some good work here. I am just nervous because I have never lived in the city before and am a bit scared. I love Otavalo and the surrounding areas. It has the feel of Cache Valley and now I am not there. It will be a good change and I will learn a lot. I am just going to miss the Familia Moreta a lot. They came to the Terminal this morning to say goodbye and are going to continue talking to you. They are family and I love them and all the rest of Carabuela.

So this past week a lot happened in good old Carabuela. Jessica Ipiales is going to be baptised this coming Saturday. Sad day I can't go to it because I am now here but that is okay I will get pics. It is actually funny because my first trainer Hermana Salas is now in Carabuela so that will be nice for her. Then Roberto...oh my miracle after miracle with this hombre. He is the one that was drunk the other week. He is now coming to church consistently and will be baptised the 3rd of Octubre. Yeah a lot of good baptisms to start out in Carabuela for Hermana Salas.

So I was thinking this week about a lot of stuff. How I am making eternal friends here in Ecuador and how fast I can love someone to make it so hard to leave. I was at the familia Moretas last night just sitting there in the humble little kitchen and talking with them and the Mom of Hermana Moreta. Well is just got to thinking how 3 months ago I didn't even know they existed and how I cried to be going to Carabuela. Well now I am crying to leave because of the people that I learned to love and the wonderful experiences that I will never ever forget. They are ingrained forever. I love the mission and how it changes us and how I am so much better than I was and I love the stuff that we missionaries do. We are the army of God in the latter days and are helping every person whether member or not come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ.

So also in the book of Mormon I am reading in 90 days. The mission is doing this and I came across the part that ¨¨he will dwell in a tabernacle of clay¨¨ They are talking about Christ. I got to thinking and was very inspired to realize we are also here in our tabernacle of clay. I love to think of us as clay because we are allowed to be created and molded by our Father in Heaven. If we allow it.  Our trials are what fire us and take off the rough parts and then we are able to be sculpted until one day we will become perfect. Mmmhmmmm I love this gospel and the Book of Mormon. I want to challenge you to do the 90 day challenge. It is about 3 pages front and back a day. I am sure you can find a calendar. But you will be able to learn more of our Savior. Mark every part with him in it in red not just his name but actions and words. It is amazing the power.

Have a wonderful week. I love you soooo much. Be safe and keep going in the gospel it is the best!
Con todo mi amor
Hermana Hull

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