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Monday, November 23, 2015

Pretty much I just love my life!


Wow what a week it sounds like you have had.  And I can't believe that Becca is married but, she found a good one, and I know that so all will be well there. Tell all the people who said hi back from me.

I can't believe they are opening at 4 on thanksgiving. Pretty much I am going to protest when I get back from my mission. They have no idea how dumb they are for doing that. I just am super mad at that. Ugh!! That makes me sick.

Well this week you are never going to believe it and I can't either. But I am going to be hitting my half mark of the mission. Can you believe it?? Half way is kind of really scaring me for that because I mean I only have one time more. I remember before the mission how people were like it is only two 9 month periods. Yeah and I am almost done with one of them. AHHHHHH!! Cant' handle thinking about it so I am not going to any more!!

So this week was super good and super busy. We have to do so much more than just teach and find and work. As they are the Hermana Lideres, my comps, they have to do house revisions and ammonitas, when we go to house of other Hermanas to do studies and help them and then divisiones. When other Hermanas come and do splits with us to learn more and to work with us for the day. But it is fun and we are doing lots of good things.

I learned this week about how simple the gospel really is. I mean we are put into so many situations and have so many challenges put upon us that it is sometimes really difficult to do all we need to do. But really we are the ones that make life complicated not the gospel. The gospel is easy, life is the hard part. We have the choice everyday to live it and to choose if we will be the ones who will be made better. We are never standing still and if we truly make those small choices every single day we will be so blessed.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week. Man I know that it is true and the word of God and as we truly read and ask then we will know with even more conviction it is true., This is my invitation to everyone. Go and read some you, don't need to read all of it to be able to know. Go and read an then pray. You will, I promise, receive and answer por medio el espiritu santo. It wont be big and crazy but it will be there. So do it. If you need a chapter go and read Moroni 10. I know it is true and that we are going to be so blessed for receiving this confirmation more than just once. That is why we don't just finish it and our done but we continue reading it over and over and over again. We are brought closer to our Father in Heaven and are super blessed for it all. Do it! You will feel the difference just as I have in my life!!

Love you so much!! I love being a missionary and have learned so much and have changed even more.
Love you
Hermana Hull

A only in Ecuador moment..... A bird is just got into the cyber and is flying above our heads as we write. But hey that is the best kind of day!! :D

Me and my comps. We eat a lot and have tons of fun together.

I got soo tired the other night. This was while I was waiting for Hermana Holbrook to finish the division and I was reading but fell asleep. I am exhausted most the time but it is the best.

Yes there is a McDonalds

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